Milk Carton Bag off ebay – Review

Hello everyone,
I hope you are having a great bank holiday weekend, the weather is sadly very mixed but I guess that’s typical. Anyway a little while ago I posted a blog about different cute bags I found on ebay:

Well I bought the cute milk carton one from this seller on ebay:

This is the stock photo:

Milk Carton bag

And here is my photo:


Mmmmm yummy fresh MLIK!

So yeah, the word milk is spelt wrong on the large and small lettering. It didn’t say anything in the listing about the error either. I paid £5.46 in total including postage, maybe the printing error could explain why it was so ridiculously cheap? Apart from the spelling errors it’s actually quite well made. The top fastens with magnetic strips, the fabric is I think a type of strong canvas over really tough card and it’s even lined. It’s then finished off on a chunky black cord strap. The ebay seller packed it really tightly with paper inside the bag to ensure it didn’t get squashed or damaged in the post which is good as not all sellers seem to care about getting your item to you in one piece.

More Pics:

DSCN2673 DSCN2674 DSCN2678 DSCN2680 DSCN2681

Although it’s disappointing it has an error, it is also kind of funny plus I can probably fix it with some acrylic paint. The bag itself is really small so you can’t carry much in it but it is cute and works well for carrying your phone and a bit of cash. I didn’t bother complaining as it would cost more to send it back, it was cheap and realistically it was my risk as I did wonder why it was so cheap. I’m sure if I had complained I could have got my money back but getting items that don’t always match what you expect is a risk of buying online.


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