Tea Party Club Calendar 2015

I’m super busy with work over December so I’ve only got time for a quick post.

Last year a lolita calendar was put together with the aim of raising funds for the Tea Party Club’s annual fashion event. It was decided to do this again so like last time lolita communities from across the UK put themselves forward and were given a month by random. We decided to put our small local comm forward, as we are a group of 6, but unfortunately due to various reasons we ended up just having the three of us. We were given the month of July and about a month to sort the shoot, now given it was the end of November and all the trees are dead this was not an easy month. We tried going to a tropical house for photos, although warm it unfortunately just had lots of green trees and plants (no flowers), the lighting wasn’t great and the structure consists of glass panels and metal – not super pretty. We tried to find some scenic areas in the outside garden, which is where the final photo was taken, but as we are all in dark reds and the background is anything but summery our photo unfortunately looks very much like autumn (which it is so I guess that’s why).

Anyway, hopefully if they do it again next year we will get more notice and so can plan shoots throughout the year allowing for better weather or the chance to look for more suitable location options.

Photo credit goes to Benjamin Morton


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