Weekend at the Asylum 2014 – Part Two

Friday –

This year I bought a full weekend ticket like I always do and evening event tickets for the fashion show on Friday night and the Burlesque, I mean folk singing, event on Saturday night. This time when I went to collect my weekend wristband I was delighted to find out you got a free hardback book. They actually had a choice of two! This is the one I chose, who doesn’t love free books.


You were also given a small carrier bag that included the official programme which detailed all the different events happening over the course of the weekend and offered helpful tips and general information too. There were a couple of promotional items included as well which can be seen in the image above.

DSCN0460DSCN0461 DSCN0462
I met up with my friend on Friday evening, we collected our wristbands and then set off to witness the un-rumble which was an idea that came about due to online discussions. It was the first time this had taken place at the Asylum. The basic idea was gangs of New York, or New Lincoln in this case, so there were three large groups of Steampunks, I know one group was of the newbies but I can’t remember who the others were and then they would rush at each other but rather than fight would instead tip hats, pay each other compliments and shake hands. It was a flash mob style thing that was intended to surprise the locals, sadly not too many were around to witness it but it was great fun to see.

More info and photos here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lincolnshire-29173933

My friend and I then went to have a quick meal and a catch up in a local pub before heading off to the evening entertainment. Unfortunately we had both chosen different events this year. My friend and I then went to have a quick meal and a catch up in a local pub before heading off to the evening entertainment. Unfortunately we had both chosen different events this year. They have various evening entertainment on which is ticketed separately and I usually see the Soiree. In the past they had early and late events so you could go to two events, it didn’t work this way this year so the Soiree clashed with the Fashion Show and I chose the fashion show.

You were treated to a free gin cocktail (courtesy of Hendrix Gin) on the way in. I think it contained gin, rose water, raspberries and something else which I can’t remember, it was delicious! And there was also a free booklet about the designers too.

DSCN0048 DSCN0458

The fashion show featured true period clothing and accurate reproductions from Karen Grover’s personal collection as well as showcasing top Steampunk designers Wise Rabbit, Prometheus Gearing, Blue Lady Couture and House of Hirudinea (though one of them sadly couldn’t make it and I can’t remember which it was). The show showcased fashion for men and women covering all sorts of styles, themes, colours and influences. They are so very talented! The last designer was Vincent Swann of Dragonswann designs but his collection was very different to the others featured. Rather than showcasing his new designs he instead wanted to show you how you could take a very simple pattern and alter it to create totally different looks and items. The idea too was that it was so simple that anyone should be able to create a wearable piece of clothing no matter their skill level and that it would take very little time. The first pattern was based on an Elizabethan style corset, it’s a basic flat corset with no boning, the instructions on how to create it were all included in the booklet but can also be found here:


The corset can be made in roughly an hour and can be adapted how you like, he even managed to use the basic pattern to create men’s armour instead. The second pattern was for a very simple blouse, it’s not the most flattering shape though so I’m not sure I will be making one. The key point to the evening though, like it say’s on the front of the booklet, is that ‘There is no wrong way to do it!’.
Photos of the show:

I also want to highlight how much I adored Lady Elsie’s dress, it’s the blue space/galaxy print one. It’s absolutely gorgeous and would almost work for lolita too!! I hope the fashion show also highlights that an outfit is not all about gadgets and goggles, a lot of it is about beautiful fabric and well constructed clothing.
Also due to one of the designers being absent they picked a few well dressed members of the audience to walk on the catwalk too. The people chosen all expressed Steampunk in very different and unique ways.

After the main show we left the hall for a brief intermission so they could have a quick change around ready for the band ‘Frenchy and the Punk’ to take the stage. During this time you could get drinks from the bar and socialise. We were then allowed back in so you could talk to the designers and models and get a closer look at what you saw on the catwalk, I missed this opportunity as I was so busy chatting to my friends. Then it was time for ‘Frenchy and the Punk’ to take to the stage.

DSCN0131 DSCN0132 DSCN0133 DSCN0134 DSCN0135 DSCN0139 DSCN0140

I’d seen them before and they were partly the reason I chose the fashion show over the Soiree in the end as I was desperate to see them live again. I did a bit of dancing and chatting and then left when they had finished their main set as it was already quite late and I wasn’t staying in Lincoln and had a journey home.

This was my outfit for Friday:



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