Weekend at the Asylum 2014 – Part Three

Saturday –

Saturday is the main first day of the festival and it kicked off at 11am, though I didn’t arrive until nearer 11:30 so I missed the opening address unfortunately. I looked at the stalls in the school first before heading across to the castle grounds and having a look in the stalls there. Caught a little bit of the Steam Western shoot out though such a large crowd had gathered that I couldn’t really see what was happening. I then headed over to the Assembly Rooms to catch the Tea Duelling open heat. So much tension and anticipation, I love watching tea duelling and it was a full hall so it seems everyone else does too.

DSCN0150 DSCN0151 DSCN0152 DSCN0154 DSCN0156 DSCN0157 DSCN0158 DSCN0161

You can find out all about Tea Duelling here: http://teaduel.yolasite.com/

It was then time to do some more general wondering around, chatting, taking in the atmosphere, shopping, etc before joining some of my friends for a nice afternoon punknic (Steampunk picnic).

DSCN0142 DSCN0145 DSCN0146 DSCN0148 DSCN0149 DSCN0162 DSCN0163 DSCN0165 DSCN0166 DSCN0174

Then it was back to the Assembly Rooms for the Costume Competition. The competitors outfits are accompanied with a write-up about their costume/character that is read out while they are on the stage. This adds a whole extra aspect to the outfit that you can’t appreciate from the images alone.

My outfit for the Saturday:


None of it went to plan and my corset was totally the wrong shade of green so it was a bit of a last minute throw together.

So that was Saturday daytime and then it was the burlesque, I mean Folk Singing, on the evening, I took Dmitry with me (he’s my owl bag) but don’t worry I kept his eyes covered at the really saucy parts. (It’s an in-joke about the burlesque event, they pretend that its a folk singing event as The Major would be shocked such an event was taking place, all silly and good fun). This was my outfit for the evening:



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