Weekend at the Asylum 2014 – Part One

This first post is a quick overview of the event and what it is, I’m splitting this post up in to sections as otherwise it will be massive!

Website: http://steampunk.synthasite.com/

^There’s never much on there which is why I want to cover and explain as much as I can.
I’m sure I’ve mentioned on here before about how I also love Steampunk? Well if I haven’t then I do! Steampunk, although it’s not a Japanese fashion, does share some similarities with lolita and there are a lot of brands now catering to it and using Steampunk influences so it’s not totally off topic. Sadly I think I decided that it was off topic before and so never blogged about last year’s event, I’ve decided to blog about it this time though and if you stick with my post you will understand why.
For the last 5 years I have attend this Steampunk festival and currently I intend attending all future ones too. I will try and explain why. When I went to my very first one I didn’t know much about Steampunk, I threw together a really basic outfit that I hoped would pass and I went off with my friends on a journey in to the unknown. What I experienced when I got there was a group of people who were incredibly talented, inventive, eccentric, wonderfully friendly and welcoming, intelligent, from all sorts of backgrounds, ages, beliefs etc and yet completely accepting. The whole aim of the festival is to be silly, have fun and be “splendid” to each other. The atmosphere was amazing and the outfits were incredible, not only were some really clever and inventive but the level of skill some people posses is mind blowing. It filled me with all sorts of ideas and got the creative juices flowing, it just really inspired me and was the most fun event I had ever been to.

This year’s festival was a much larger event than that very first one I went to. It keeps growing every year and now takes over the whole top part of Lincoln. Weekend at the Asylum is the largest purely Steampunk event in Europe. The outfits are bigger and better than ever, the choice of stuff to buy is endless, so many activities take place that you are totally spoilt for choice and I know so many more people than I did before so it’s a bit like going to a large family gathering. Everyone is really friendly and greets you in the street, it’s a truly wonderful experience that has to be experienced to be fully appreciated.

The Asylum Basics – The festival takes place in Lincoln, UK over a Friday, Saturday and Sunday in September. The dates can vary, it’s not always the same weekend. It’s generally based in locations around the top part of Lincoln where the castle is located. Events that take place during the weekend include various talks, workshops, book launches, live music, gaming, an exhibition of artwork, costume competition, dance classes, races, shoot outs, picnics and all sorts of other sillyness. It’s a place to have lots of fun.


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