Glitzy Wonderland, Infanta Gold Playground Headbow Set – Review

Having received the Gold Playground dress from Glitzy Wonderland and having been able to check it fitted and I liked it etc I decided to order the matching headbow set from Glitzy too.
(see previous review for more info on the dress and my experience of buying from there)


Stock Pic:

Infanta Gold Playground KC set : 1 big bow, 1 small bow, 1 brooch

Again, ordering was really straight forward. I ordered on the 22nd July, checked out with paypal and received a confirmation email of my order straight away. I then didn’t hear anything from them until the 12th August when I received an email saying it had shipped and gave me a tracking number. It then arrived on the 14th August (so fast). It was sent in your standard plastic postage packet and was all together in a clear packet inside.


So here is the item:

DSCN0011 DSCN0012 DSCN0014 DSCN0015

As you may notice, it doesn’t match the stock photo above. I don’t know if Infanta sent it out like this or if Glitzy altered it for some reason but I was sent a card and spoon clip rather than the music note bow. There was no note and nothing in any email so I think it was probably sent from Infanta this way and then Glitzy just sent it on to me. In fact it seems I was actually sent the Infanta Poker Card Brooch (see stock photo below) as part of my set.


I didn’t inform Glitzy about the issue as I actually quite like this clip and there would have been no easy or cost effective way to correct it. It just didn’t seem worth the hassle over a small bow, plus I actually bought the matching dress to go with the poker card clip as soon after I got the clip it turned up on the UK sales lol. I’m sure I can find something else to replace the missing bow, maybe I could make something or just try and find similar ribbon.

Product review –

The set I ordered cost USD 23.30 (approx £14.50) and then I chose the free shipping. The poker card brooch would be USD 15.00 (approx £9.33) if purchased on its own.

So, the head bow itself is made of the same fabric as the dress so it’s pretty sturdy and about a medium thickness. I like the shape of the bow and the pleated detail, though unfortunately this is only really visible on the right side as its actually folded equally back on itself on the left. The bow itself is quite narrow so it doesn’t stand up-right on top of your head much. The general design of the bow is more to come down the sides of your head which looks really pretty with a full wavy or twin tails wig but doesn’t work quite as well on a sleeker/smoother hair style. The bow has two loops of thread on the back that go over the headband to allow you to move the bow around and position it better on your head which is a good feature. The music note on the front of the bow is embroidered felt and this is sewn rather than pinned to the bow but I think it’s on a thick strand of cotton that’s knotted at either end which allows you to move it around a bit too and get the position you want. The bottom end of the headband is finished with light blue fabric, I don’t fully know why unless it’s because its harder wearing? The ends have been glued together and are a bit rough and scratchy but you don’t really notice once it’s on your head. Overall I’m happy with the headbow although I feel it’s not finished to the highest standard and I’m not sure it’s worth the best part of £15 to be totally honest. I’m going to score it 3/5 as it’s ok but not amazing plus its missing part of the set.

DSCN0644 DSCN0647 DSCN0646 DSCN0643

Now the other bow is missing so I have no idea what that should be like. The clip I got instead features embroidered felt cards, pretty blue and gold ribbon and a cute little spoon that is secured with tread rather than glue. On the back is a large hair clip that’s been stuck with a gluegun. I really love this clip, its nicely made and is really pretty. I’d give this 5/5 as it’s so cute even though its not exactly what I thought I was getting.

DSCN0638 DSCN0639 DSCN0640


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