Ooky Spooky!

Hello Everyone,
Don’t worry, the other blog posts I promised are still coming but as it’s October and I’m finding cool things in the shops I just wanted to share some things with you.

Firstly if like me you love spooky gothic stuff then Homesense have some awesome Halloween items in. It’s really nice stuff, not cheap Halloween party decorations but actual gothic homeware. Here are a couple of items I picked out recently.

tumblr_ncd7lrJ8ZF1rdn9bdo1_50010624732_10152629734487752_2047941671594904335_n tumblr_ncd7lrJ8ZF1rdn9bdo3_1280 tumblr_ncd7lrJ8ZF1rdn9bdo4_1280

Snow globe (with black glitter) – £12.99

Book ends – £7.99 each

Find your local store here: http://www.homesense.com/

At the cheaper end there’s these battery powered spider fairy lights that I found in poundland, they look quite nice in the dark.

tumblr_nch085L33N1rdn9bdo1_1280 tumblr_nch085L33N1rdn9bdo2_500

And then, perfect for everyday creepy cute or gothic style are these items from Primark.

tumblr_ndat1rKCWj1rdn9bdo1_1280 tumblr_ndat1rKCWj1rdn9bdo4_500

Tops – £4 each
Pack of 3 pairs of socks – £2
Skeleton tights – £3

Then, if its Halloween treats you prefer there’s this little guy. Now I actually bought him in July from Cooplands labelled as a ‘Meringue Shape’ but I’m pretty sure they still do them and if not then they will have other yummy Halloween items.

tumblr_nczb7wIVUF1rdn9bdo2_1280 IMG_9738 tumblr_nczb7wIVUF1rdn9bdo1_1280 tumblr_nczb7wIVUF1rdn9bdo4_1280

Happy shopping!! I love Halloween.


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