Glitzy Wonderland – Review

I placed an order with Glitzy Wonderland for Infanta’s Gold Playground OP in blue. I’d been after it for ages and when I saw not only did they currently have a discount off all items but offered free shipping too I couldn’t resist. I couldn’t find too many reviews at the time and still don’t know of too many people that buy from there so I thought I would do a review.

Disclaimer: Like with all my reviews I have not been asked to do this and the company did not give me a discount or know anything about my blog or the fact I would do a review etc. I’m just doing an honest review as a genuine customer that may help others looking to buy.


Glitzy Wonderland sell lolita clothing by various taobao brands like Infanta, Surface Spell, Magic Tea Party, Dream of Lolita, etc. They offer free world wide registered shipping and regularly have discounts on items plus the website is all in English and the lovely girl who runs it all speaks English too. There was an offer on when I placed

I placed my order on the 29th June through the website, it’s all in English and the site is really easy to use and has large clear images of the products. I put the item in my basket, signed up to get an account, checked out with paypal and chose the free shipping – all standard and really easy. I received an email confirming my order, it stated I would get another one confirming when the item had been dispatched which would also have a tracking number in it. The page for the dress said the item was in stock, handling time would be 7 days and shipping time 2 weeks, almost 2 weeks passed and I hadn’t heard anything so I sent them an email. I had a reply really fast that said Infanta can take a while to send the items but it should be dispatched within the next week. I assumed wrongly that in stock meant Glitzy Wonderland had the item but I think it means Infanta have it in stock. It seems they work like a shopping service so you order via them and they then get it from the particular store and send it on. Anyway, I got an email on the 17th July saying the item was dispatched and it gave me a tracking number and the dress arrived with me on the 21st July (I’m in the UK).

The dress arrived inside a standard postage packet, inside the dress was folded up inside a clear packet with the detachable bows. I didn’t take pictures on the day it actually arrived which is why its already opened. I will do a review on the actual dress too in another post.

IMG_9791 IMG_9792 IMG_9793IMG_9797
Sum Up:
Counting from the day I placed the order to the day it arrived at my house the dress took just over 3 weeks. Considering she had to get it first then ship it to the UK from Hong Kong I think it’s pretty good, especially as I opted for free shipping. There was even a discount running on the site when I placed my order. The dress from Infanta on taobao is ¥528.00 (about £53), I paid $107.91 (£65.38) for mine from Glitzy with the discount but it’s usually $119.90 (£73.81).

The usual price may seem on the surface to be a fair mark up on the original but when you consider it needs to be ordered direct first at a cost, shipped worldwide for free and needs a bit of profit added on as it’s a business so that’s how you make it work it’s not all that bad. Especially as it didn’t take too long to arrive and is all in English. I enquired about buying the dress from Infanta direct early this year and the quote they gave me was around £75 including shipping so it’s basically the same anyway and that would have been without the use of a shopping service! If you use one of the many shopping services instead to buy from taobao you still have a fee to pay them and shipping to pay, plus it can get complicated with translations, if anything goes wrong and with customs if your item gets stopped. This just seemed so much easier and if you are lucky enough to buy when there’s an offer on its even better.

I would score them 4/5


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