My Weekend at Hyper Japan – July 2014

So, as you know I went to this year’s Hyper Japan event. I’ve been to Hyper Japan a few times now over the last few years and always look forward to it. Hyper Japan has Cosplay, gaming, traditional Japanese music, theatre, martial arts, art, food, etc as well as popular culture like J-Pop, street fashion, cute plushies, collectable toys and figures, anime, manga and more. What I didn’t tell you before though is that I was picked as one of the models to take part in the fashion show but I will write more about this in a different post.


My Friday involved a mad rush once I arrived in London as I needed to get to the event so I could have a fitting for the fashion show later that day. The whole thing was chaos, I will explain more in my next post. After the fitting I had roughly an hour to wonder around the event, I checked out the stalls, picked up a guide leaflet, felt nervous and then had to go backstage for the fashion show. I took part in the last fashion show of the day which was modelling the Japanese brand Spinn’s clothing, it had a sailor moon theme. I then managed to look at a few more stalls before the event closed and that was Friday over.


Saturday I wasn’t needed for modelling so I had a whole day to myself. I arrived at the event for about 10am and got straight in. I visited the Love JoJo stall as she was running an event through facebook where the first 30 people who visited her could get a free squishy. I had tried on the Friday but was too late, luckily today she had two left so I got this cute purple macaroon. Isn’t it cute! I also to hug one of the many large Alpaca plushies she was selling, so cute and soft, but I managed to resist buying it – I have too many cute fluffy things.


I had a look at some of the stalls before heading over to the Fringe Stage to catch the awesome Japanese rock band Broken Doll. Broken Doll also has their own cute handmade accessories brand and are well known with the street fashion scene.

There’s a wonderful article here by Tokyo Fashion that can fill you in with all the details:

I was so happy when I saw that Broken Doll were appearing at Hyper Japan and they didn’t disappoint.

IMG_9967 IMG_9971 IMG_9965 IMG_9976 IMG_9975 IMG_9973

I liked them so much I bought their album too from the JPU Records stand. Even better than that they were giving away a free Vamps poster with every purchase so I got a free poster too! Vamps are awesome.



I then watched a little bit of ‘HIROKI, The Masked Ninja Story’ on the main stage before heading to get some lunch, he was showing off some amazing martial arts skills. Deciding what to have took a while and some of it was rather pricey. Although some of the queues were long they soon moved but certain items has already sold out before the main lunchtime rush. I realised mid-eating it that I’d forgotten to take a photo and it was also time for the Innocent World and PUTOMAYO fashion show over on the Hyper Kawaii stage. I made a mad dash for it but sadly missed the start. I still got to see the lovely fashions though as the models all lined up at the end but I didn’t get any photos – sorry! Here’s my lovely meal though, it was super yummy! I think it was Chicken Katsu with rice and a Japanese sauce (Sorry its partly eaten)and I got a bottle of green tea to go with it as it was on offer if purchased with food. The total cost was £5.50 which wasn’t bad and it was quite filling. They always have a good choice of food options at Hyper Japan.


The Gothic and Lolita Special Stage event followed on from the brand show. This fashion show involved letting Japanese street fashion wearers from the UK show off their individual style on the catwalk (they were chosen online from images they submitted). They all looked amazing! Again I couldn’t get proper photos as I was still trying to eat and the few I did take didn’t come out well 😦 here they are anyway:






After this I visited the lolita Bring and Buy stall and checked out all the stalls in the Kawaii area and the Fringe Market. I bought this gorgeous unicorn necklace from Glitterbomb.


I also had a good chat with the lovely ladies from ShinkuRose who create beautiful handmade lolita dresses. So pretty! They also had their new print design on show which was interesting as I had seen the photos online but couldn’t decide about it. It’s really lovely in real life though, it was nice to be able to see the finer details.

Next up was J-Rock band ONE NOT’E on the Fringe Stage. Ah, the singer is so cute! They are also really good live, I like their sound. They don’t have much up online yet so I really didn’t know what to expect but they are awesome! It was their first live ever as they have literally only just formed, no idea why they made their debut here but I’m glad they did. I just hope they come back again soon!

ONE NOT’E Website:







Not long after that the event closed so we all had to leave for an hour. Due to queue issues last year Hyper Japan decided to implement a different system this time where the Saturday would be in two halves. I was doubtful about how well that would work but it went really smoothly. Having to go stand outside in the boiling hot sun for around 30mins in full lolita and wig wasn’t fun, though at least it wasn’t raining. I did start to feel rather ill and a bit dizzy/faint but luckily they let a load of us in after 30mins or so to stand in the main entrance of the building which has air con so I felt better then. They then re-opened the doors promptly at 3:15pm.
On returning inside I went to buy water (£1.50 a bottle!) and sit down for a little while until I felt better and then I went to visit all the Japan travel related stalls. I picked up lots of flyers and leaflets, all the staff were very helpful. There are all sorts of organised trips including some aimed at the more pop-culture and anime side as well as the traditional but it’s so hard to decide what’s best when going to Japan is so expensive. I really hope I do get to go one day though. Here’s the pile I collected:


I then went to watch the COSparade on the main stage, it was so busy I couldn’t get a decent view to take photos. There were some awesome Cosplays though including a super cute tiny Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Penguin from Batman, Link and amazing Gundam cosplayer. I then wondered around the more traditional stalls and briefly visited the gaming section before heading back to the stage for Siro-A. I was very happy to see they were back at Hyper Japan, their show is so clever and really good fun. You can view their stuff online and they are doing some live shows here in London towards the end of the year. I highly recommend them. They also spend all their time around their stand interacting with people, handing out flyers and posing for photos which I think is really nice.
I then headed across to the Hyper Kawaii stage for the Aymmy in the Batty Girls brand fashion show which I actually got photos of!

I then dashed back across to the main stage and caught the end of ‘DEN Entertainment: THE SAKE’ performance which seemed interesting but sadly I missed the beginning so I was a bit confused about what was going on. I then took a seat nearer the front and waited for ONE NOT’E to come and do their set on the main stage. Sadly the sound balance wasn’t quite as clear on the main stage which is a shame but they were still good! So that was then end of my Saturday.



I was needed for the Spinns fashion show at the end of the day again so I didn’t manage to do much on Sunday. I caught The Creation of a New Robot Era talk on the main stage, the little robot, who I believe is called Robi, was so cute! I’d so have one. I checked the bring and buy again, chatted to a few people, visited stalls, saw a bit of the Dragon Gate wrestling, Siro-A again and then watched a bit of the karaoke contest final on the Hyper Kawaii stage before heading back stage. I then spent my time there and did the fashion show before getting changed and making a mad dash to catch ONE NOT’E again on the Fringe Stage. They sounded great and afterwards I managed to get a photo with them, happy! The photo is unfortunately a bit blurry, that’s what happens when you need to rely on kind strangers to take a photo for you though. Ah well. And that was the end of my Hyper Japan.


Random Photos of the Weekend:


5 thoughts on “My Weekend at Hyper Japan – July 2014

  1. Will you be going to the Hyper Japan Christmas Market this year too? 🙂 I only had my first experience of HJ in July, I can’t believe I had never been before! I’m super excited about going again in November for the winter market. At least I know a little more of what to expect this time.

    • Hello, Yes I hope so, though I really should check train fares. HJ is a great event, I’m glad you had fun in July and intend going again. The Christmas one will be a much smaller thing (less stages and performances) but its still amazing. Plus there’s so much cute stuff and hopefully as its aimed at being a market there may be more offers and deals on things. Maybe I will see you there, please say hi if you spot me!

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