Peacockalorum – Review



I have bought a few items from Peacockalorum over time but thought I would review them together rather than as individual transactions. All items are hand-crafted here in the UK and can be bought from etsy or over facebook.You can also place custom orders too, just send her a message to discuss things.

Wrist Cuffs.

I now own 4 pairs of wrist cuffs by Peacockalorum. She produces them in different fabrics and in a huge range of colours, plus you can order custom ones too so they can match your co-ords. Prices range from about £6 – £8 excluding postage depending on design and materials etc.

IMG_9671 IMG_9690 IMG_9693 IMG_9694 IMG_9698 IMG_9685 IMG_9687 IMG_9688 IMG_9678 IMG_9682 IMG_9677 IMG_9684


They are always really nicely made and very pretty. I intend buying some more very soon and loads of other lolitas also regularly buy wrist cuffs there too which is a testament to how great they are. Postage is always really prompt, if what you want will take longer she will usually give you an idea of what time frame you can expect. I bought all mine over facebook, I talked to her in a message and she sent an invoice to my paypal for me to pay.


IMG_9672 IMG_9673 IMG_9674

This last pair of cuffs were not quite as fancy as the others as she had been away and didn’t see my message so as I wanted them for a meet urgently she used what she had. They still looked nice when worn with the rest of my co-ord.


I ordered one of her Alice Bow’s in pink and white.

Stock Photo:

My photos:
IMAG2605 IMAG2606

The bow was sent in a small clear packet. It’s really large and I think is supposed to be worn flat on the top of your head. I wore it more upright though with my co-ord for S-Con. The bow is on a simple metal hairband, its just through the loop so you could put it on a different hair band if you wanted, it also means you can position it as you want. It’s really nicely made and very sturdy. The Alice Bow costs £8.

White Ruffle Underskirt.

This was a custom made item but is very similar to the Sweet Lolita Ruffle Skirt that she sells. I wanted it a certain length to go under my JSK and stated the waist size that I wanted. She answered all the questions I had, told me how much it would be and how long she would need to make it then sent an invoice. It got to about the time that she said it would be finished but I hadn’t heard anything so I needed to send an email to chase it up. She replied straight away though and said it was finished and would be sent the following day so it wasn’t an issue.

IMAG2612 IMAG2613 IMAG2614 IMAG2615

It’s exactly the right length and really nicely made. It’s much fuller than it looks in the photos, my petticoat easily fits under it plus it was the perfect length for under my JSK. I’ve shown the inside of the skirt too in the last photo to show the finish. I think it cost me £35 which is a pretty good price, I couldn’t find anything else as nice in the same price bracket so I definately recommend her underskirts.


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