Update – Reviews and Hyper Japan Incoming

Hello lovely blog followers, I hope you are enjoying the nice sunny warm days we have been having. Hopefully those of you not in the UK are having nice weather too!

You will probably have noticed that I’m posting a lot of reviews currently, there are still lots more to come. Unfortunately I got a bit back dated with them so I really want to get them all uploaded and then I will move on to different Japanese style introductions, events and other things. Also all the items I’m reviewing are items I have bought as a customer. They are not free items, items from friends businesses or items I am reviewing on behalf of companies. They are genuine reviews to help give people input and advice about different companies or products. Also they document my personal opinions and experiences so again always bear that in mind when trying to decide where to buy.

I’m going to Hyper Japan at the end of the month which should be lots of fun. They have a much larger Kawaii fashion section this time and all sorts of models coming from Japan so I should be able to bring you all sorts of lovely pretty and cute things.
You should check out the website for more details: http://hyperjapan.co.uk/
I’m hopefully trying some slightly different styles (non-lolita) for Hyper Japan including trying to customise and make some stuff. I really hope it all goes to plan and I can share something a bit different with you all 🙂

I hope some of you manage to get to Hyper Japan, I think they are running a Christmas event this year too if you can’t make the summer one. Until then, keep kawaii!


2 thoughts on “Update – Reviews and Hyper Japan Incoming

    • I’m really excited about it, they have a whole area dedicated to fashion this year too so I’m hoping it will be even better. I hope you manage to make it to one soon!

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