Lockshop Wigs Lucky Pack – Review

A while ago Lockshop Wigs put together some lucky packs, I think it was because they were moving to a new location so the more stock they sell, the less they need to move. Hopefully they will do them again in the future, they seemed very popular.


The lucky packs came in 4 choices, Lights, Darks, Bright/Un-natural Colours and Surprise Me. I opted for surprise me as I already had quite a few darker wigs, light colours don’t always suit me and I have a few un-naturals too so I just couldn’t decide what was best. The lucky packs all contained at least 2 wigs and 2 accessories that had a value of at least €75 in total. The random surprise me pack was also cheaper than the others at €49,95 (roughly £41) rather than €54,95 – I guess because you are happy to take whatever.


I’d never bought from them before but it was easy to use the website and I paid with paypal. Shipping was quite expensive even though they are also in Europe, it cost me €12,75 which is roughly £11. The advantage though is because they are also in Europe at least I didn’t need to worry about customs. The full amount with shipping was €61,65 (roughly £52). I recieved an email confirming and thanking me for my order. The lucky pack was sent via tracked delivery, they emailed you the code when it was dispatched so you had an idea of when to expect it.

It arrived in a standard plastic postage packet. Inside was a lockshop bag which contained all the items and was taped up, a business card and a print out care sheet for looking after your wigs.

IMG_9270 IMG_9271 IMG_9272 IMG_9273

Here are the items I got in my pack:

Bob Wig: Pastel Raindrops Bob Lavender & Mint

Stock photo:



IMG_9279 IMG_9280 IMG_9281

The wig came inside a bag with card around it to give extra protection during shipping. It’s pretty pastel lavender and mint, colours are the same as the stock photo. It seemed to shed a little bit but is really soft and quite thick and full. It’s also shaped really nicely though one side seemed to be more curled under than the other. The wig was in the sale on the website at the time of the luckypacks for €21,56 (roughly £19).
Worn Photos:
Like usual I just gave it a light shake and stuck it on my head without styling etc so you can see how it comes. I tried parting it both ways to see how it looked having more pink or mint around my face. The wig has a straight across fringe which is too long for me as it is. Look how nicely its shaped at the back though! Plus I also took the last pic in better daylight to show the colour off better.
IMG_9284 IMG_9286 IMG_9287 IMG_9288 IMG_9290 IMG_9295 IMG_9297 IMG_9300 IMG_9304
Although its a pretty wig it just doesn’t work on me. I don’t know if its the colour’s, the fact its a split or because its a bob. I won’t be keeping it but only because it doesn’t suit me.

Long Wig: Silky Straight Royal Brown

Stock photo:

silky-straight-royal-brown silky-straight-royal-brown2

I believe this is the correct one, unfortunately it doesn’t say so I had to guess. I’m fairly certain I’m correct though.


IMG_9305 IMG_9306 IMG_9307 IMG_9309 IMG_9310

This wig also came in a bag with card around it. It’s super long, sleek and straight, is a really natural colour and has a parting down the middle. It is however very thin, they have a statement on their site saying its the perfect thickness for the length but personally I would have liked it a bit thicker.

Worn photos:

Like with the other I just gave it a light shake and stuck it on my head without styling etc so you can see how it comes. It’s so long I had problems trying to get it all in shot. Also it’s so long and has a long fringe which I was having trouble keeping out the way – I felt a bit like cousin Itt, lol. The last photo is in better daylight again to show the colour.
IMG_9313 IMG_9315 IMG_9318 IMG_9321 IMG_9323 IMG_9325 IMG_9331 IMG_9335

In the end I gave up and added a clip on the fringe which I think helps show the wig off better:

IMG_9338 IMG_9341 IMG_9342

I love this wig! I loved having such long hair and the colour is really nice as its not too dark or light. It also didn’t seem to tangle or fluff up much either, though I didn’t have it on very long. I can’t wait to wear it out! The price on the website at the time was €32,95 (just over £27).

Headband: Studs & Roses Headband

Stock photo:


Headband pics:

IMG_9276 IMG_9345 IMG_9346

This headband features pink roses and metal spikes on a black band. It seems sturdy and well constructed, wasn’t too tight on my head which is good. The only downside is that the flowers seem a bit cheap, they are made of scratchy fabric and are quite flat which is a shame. From a distance you wouldn’t be able to tell though. The price on the website at the time was €16,95 (roughly £15).

Tights: Royal Ribbon Tights

Stock photo:
pre-order-royal-ribbon-tights pre-order-royal-ribbon-tightsd

The tights came in this packet with care instructions. I won’t be keeping the tights as they don’t really go with anything I own and I can’t imagine they will fit me. I did open the packet to feel them as people had commented on how nice they felt. They are really smooth and silky feeling, the print is really clear and crisp (from what I can tell). I’ve heard good things about their tights from other people too. Price at the time was €16,50 (around £14).


Sum up:
My lucky pack cost €49,95 and I paid €12.75 in shipping bringing the full total I spent to €62.70. The contents were worth €87.96 though so even with shipping added in its still worth more than I spent. Lucky packs are a gamble but they are fun at the same time, waiting for them to arrive and seeing what you got is exciting. Lockshop are highly rated for their good quality so I knew even if I didn’t like my items I should be able to sell them on fairly easy. Also as I’m in to various styles and love wigs I wasn’t too fussy about what colours I would end up with which also helped. Overall I am happy with my lucky pack, its great value for money and Lockshop are great to buy from.


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