Little Booteek – Review

I recently came across the company Little Booteek online while searching for Cupcake Cult items. I love the name of the business, it’s so cute. They sell mostly gothic/punk/alternative items but Cupcake Cult and Luv Bunny’s (by Poizen Industries) do some super cute and kitsch items which I think can work for some Japanese Street Fashions. The price of items is really reasonable and they have never ending deals, offers, giveaways, etc on their facebook page too.
Little Booteek held a sale recently so I eventually had an excuse to purchase some items, birthday money and a lack of Cupcake Cult items = excuse to shop. I placed my order through their website and paid with paypal, it was all straight forward and easy to use. Their site sometimes bugs a bit for me but I think that’s more down to my security software than their page. I ordered late on the 21st June and received a confirmation email about my order the following day. I saw a post on the facebook warning that the dispatch time could be slower than normal due to how busy they are with sale orders. On the 28th June I got an email confirming my order had been dispatched and it arrived on the 30th.

They state on the website that dispatch time can be between 7-10 days or sooner if items are in stock. I paid £3.99 for shipping and it was sent via Royal Mail recorded delivery which means it’s signed for making it more secure and safe.

The items arrived in a standard plastic postage packet (I don’t have photos of opening as I arrived home really late so it was too dark). Inside the items were each in a plastic packet and then there was a cute note, freebie and envelope included too. I think the note adds a nice personal touch to your order, most companies just send the order info. The freebies included were nail foils, apparently they regularly include some form of free gift with your order, isn’t that nice! The envelope contained a cute Little Booteek logo keyring and loyalty card with a sticker and full terms and conditions printed on a flyer. These little touches make it much more personal and were such a nice surprise. It made the whole order feel special and really brightened my mood after the long draining day that I’d had at work. I would definitely buy from them again.

IMG_9497 IMG_9502 IMG_9503IMG_9501 IMG_9498 IMG_9499 IMG_9500

Stock photo of the nails, I think mine are of the purple fairy at the bottom left.

So, here are the actual items I bought. I may as well review them too.
***I tried to take some worn photos but they didn’t come out well so I will try and get better ones soon and update the post, sorry****


LB List Top by Luv Bunny – Review

4604266491 4604266490
The top is very long, could possibly wear it as a short dress with thick leggings. The fabric is nice and soft and quite stretchy. I could probably have done with a slightly smaller size, so much emo/scene type clothing runs small so I usually order a size or so larger but surprisingly this is truer to size. The sleeves are longer than usual and have a hole in so you can wear them over your hand and poke your thumb through. They are much longer than you need them though so if you didn’t want to wear it that way they would totally cover your hands. Not a big issue, just makes it slightly annoying to wear. Also even though it has straps at the top it still feels like the top is slipping down, this could be because it’s a bit big on me though so it probably doesn’t fit quite like it should. It is really nice, great for slightly cooler days, though your shoulders will feel cold. I like the cute touch of adding the bunny ears on the back, pink bows and paw prints on the pockets. I really like the fact it has pockets, it’s an unusual feature to find on ladies tops and dresses, they aren’t very big but it’s nice to have some even if just to put tissues or your hands in.

IMG_9512 IMG_9513 IMG_9516 IMG_9519 IMG_9517 IMG_9523


Dart Time Dress by Cupcake Cult – Review

4611076779 4611076782

Like with the top I ordered this in a size bigger than I would usually and it fits perfectly. It’s supposed to be the same size as the top though, I wish ladies clothing would follow actual sizing rules, it’s so hard to know what size to buy, especially when ordering online. Anyway, it fits nicely and is of thicker fabric. The fabric is not very stretchy though so getting it on and off due to the design is a bit difficult. My only other criticism is that it’s quite straight. If you are nice and thin its fine but if you have larger hips it clings around them and distorts the bottom of the dress slightly. You can even see it in the stock photo, and she is much thinner than me. I know I’m being picky as its not overly noticeable, it’s just if it got a bit wider towards the bottom it wouldn’t happen. The print is rubbery so I fear it will crack over time, may be hard to wash and because it feels slightly sticky tiny bits of fluff and dust cling to it. Again its not a major issue but could easily have been avoided if they used a different print type. Also the very top part of the dress bulks up a bit on the back and doesn’t sit very smooth. However, I love the design of the print, the colours, dress design, bows and again it has pockets! The dress is really comfy to wear and overall fits nicely, I also love the fact it’s a bit longer and doesn’t only just about cover your bum like a lot of clingy alternative style dresses do.

IMG_9504 IMG_9506 IMG_9507 IMG_9510 IMG_9509


Sum Up:

Little Booteek – are awesome, can’t fault them at all.

Clothing – super cute designs but not 100% executed. The items aren’t the best fit and the actual design of them creates a few flaws with being able to wear them comfortably. I also worry about how well the print will wear. Also sizing is a bit all over the place. All my faults are small though so I’d score them 4 out of 5.


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