DIY Flower Crown Headdress


Hairband (with prong/teeth)
Hair Flowers


I decided I wanted a large flower crown type headdress as part of my ILD co-ord as I had no large fancy bows or headwear, plus I wanted something with impact. They are pretty simple to make so I decided I would get some fake flowers and a hairband and do my own. Of course things happened and I was super buy so before I knew it I had very little time left to get it sorted. I had lots of issues trying to put together my co-ord for the ILD meet in general as the print on my JSK was a grey/beige type colour and I couldn’t find any flowers in a similar colour. In fact finding beige flowers in general that would work for a flower crown proved impossible. In the end I gave up as I couldn’t find what I wanted and decided to go with grey and black, it was just impossible to find anything in the right shade as the print. Could I find any black or grey fake flowers when I needed them, no of course I couldn’t (why does that happen), so in the end I bought hair flowers. Now the reason you usually buy the fake artificial flowers is because they are shaped and fairly sturdy. Hair flowers are flat so you can’t get them to stand up like you need, luckily my Mum had one of these hairbands though so I just bent the teeth upwards.

hairband teeth

I could then use the clips on the back of the flowers to hold them in place while deciding where to put them and get the balance right. Now if I had more time I may have tried to remove the clips and then glue-gunned the flowers in place. As it ended up being the night before the meet before I had chance to work on it I just left them clipped, and tried to glue-gun around everything to ensure I got glue in all the gaps and where everything met (I may have gone a bit overkill with the glue to be honest). I then added some felt to the back to try and make it look neater and clipped on the butterfly. I added a little bit of glue to a petal and the butterflies head just to give it a bit more support – I didn’t want him to fall off. I used PVA glue on the butterfly, his body is polystyrene so hot glue and in fact lots of other glue types would melt it, also I made sure not to get the PVA on the wire as it may rust. So that was it. It took maybe 10-15 mins to make and I think it looked ok considering how rushed and thrown together it all was.

IMG_9457 IMG_9455 IMG_9456 IMG_9458

The black roses were from Poundland, £1 each:
The grey flowers were from a market stall, £1 each :
IMG_9459 IMG_9461
Hairband was my Mum’s but you can get them on ebay for around £1 or so, try searching for ‘hairband toothed’ or similar things to bring them up.

The pretty glitter butterfly was from this ebay shop:


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