Leeds ILD Meet June 2014

The 7th of June was International Lolita Day and the Leeds com decided to do something big to celebrate. The aim was to have 40 lolitas all descend on Leeds from the surrounding area and other local Yorkshire comms to have afternoon tea. To begin with sales were slow (you had to pay £15 to book a place) and I didn’t think more than 30 would come but sure enough as the event neared all the places were filled. Lolitas came from the local comms – Hull, Sheffield and York as well as from much further afield, I believe Cambridge was the furthest. The event itself was organised by Michaela and Vief who did all the planning, designed the quiz, ordered prizes etc.
The tearoom we went to is called Just Grand Vintage Tearooms and they weren’t actually available on the 7th which is why the event happened on the 8th.

Here is the Just Grand Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Just-Grand-Vintage-Tearooms/440964066014872
We all just about fit in there but it was quite snug and with it being a hot day I was extremely glad I had taken my fan. The tearoom is really cute and the staff were really friendly. They had even designed a special lolita themed cocktail called a pomi-loli which I decided to order, it was lovely. We were handed the first part of the quiz when we got there, it was a picture round, things like naming the print or brand from a picture. They then served some sandwiches which were nice, followed by large pots of tea. Then came some bingo and I won a prize! This cool notebook:


We then had the next parts of the quiz, which included things like ‘name the print’ but it was from a description, e.g. whispering lolitas, crying cats, etc, general loli trivia and one round was all to do with mythical creatures. During this some scones were brought round, they were yummy and we had photos taken by A Shot in the Dark. They also brought around some fruit cake but sadly I’m not a fan of it so didn’t have any, I’m sure it was nice. The whole day was really lovely and great fun. You could tell a lot of effort and work had been put in by Michaela and Vief as well as the tea room staff.

Also a girl called Beccy made these wonderful badges that she gave out to everyone, aren’t they cute!

Lots of photos from the day can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.314700895363341.1073741887.125711050928994&type=1
They were taken by the awesome A Shot in the Dark!


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