The Crypt of Curiosities – Review

I came across The Crypt of Curiosities due to some of my friends doing a share to win for their items on facebook. I decided to check out their page and look at the other jewellery as the share to win items looked really nice and soon wish I hadn’t as I want everything! The owner of the shop handcrafts stunning gothic statement jewellery featuring things like skulls, bats, claws as well as more subtle, elegant items like cameo necklaces, Victorian inspired pieces and pretty lace chokers – it’s all so awesome and pretty! You really need to go see.

Big Cartel Site:
Anyway a day ago the owner added a special 20% discount code off items as a celebration of their birthday and I couldn’t resist any longer.
I treated myself to a lovely ‘Antique silver glass crystal bat necklace’ off their etsy site:


You get a colour choice of what crystal beads you would like but I couldn’t decide so went with black and silver as it would go with pretty much any outfit then. I placed the order and added the code, all went through really smoothly. The following day I got a notification email saying it had been shipped and today it arrived. It was sent recorded delivery which is always a good idea in a standard bubble envelope. Inside it was wrapped up well in bubble wrap and presented in a black and white striped paper bag with a business card on the front. They even included Halloween confetti which actually made me jump when it fell out the bag as it caught me off guard.

IMG_9255 IMG_9256 IMG_9257 IMG_9258

The necklace is nicely finished off and made and all feels like decent quality. I can’t wait to wear it, I love bats! Isn’t he cute!

IMG_9262 IMG_9264 IMG_9266

The necklace costs £10 but due to the discount it was only £8 and then postage was £2.90 so I paid £10.90 in total. I usually buy cheap mass-produced jewellery and lots of plastic things so although its more than I would usually spend on a necklace it’s more unique and handcrafted to a high finish. It looks and feels much nicer than that stuff does too.
I placed my order on the 20th May, it was posted on the 21st and arrived today on the 22nd (though it does state on the site that items aren’t always posted the following day). Excellent service and wonderful item, couldn’t be happier and will definitely buy from them again. Their jewellery would look great worn with a whole variety of different fashion styles or just for everyday.


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