Teatime Treasures – Review

Website: http://teatimetreasures.co.uk/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Teatime-Treasures/163544560515125

So, it’s my Birthday next month and my parents had been looking for something to buy me. I just so happened to mention to my Mum that I had found a brand dress I liked and she said they would put some money towards it as a birthday present. The dress in question is by Atelier Pierrot who are by far my favourite lolita brand, their clothes always look amazing and so pretty, plus I love gothic (even though strangely I tend to wear other styles more). Anyway I found the dress on the Teatime Treasures website, I mentioned them in a previous post as they recently opened an online shop here stocking some brand items. My Mum urged me to buy it early just in case it should happen to sell otherwise. The dress is £165 though and so my parents had a few concerns over buying something so expensive (as did I). What if it didn’t fit me, how reliable is the site, how much is shipping, do they do refunds, where is the shop based, how do you pay, etc. I therefore contacted Teatime Treasures via their facebook page and asked all sorts of questions and even for some extra measurements. Nothing was too much trouble and I got prompt responses. Having answered all my questions I purchased the dress via their website. It was really easy to use and I paid via paypal so it was all straightforward. I selected next day special delivery which cost £8.99 but is the only option really as the dress is so expensive. They contacted me again via facebook to confirm the order had gone through fine, and posted the dress the following day. I was given the tracking info too.

The dress arrived inside a fairly small paper parcel, I had been warned to open it carefully as it was fairly tightly packed. To be honest I think considering the price of the items they should maybe look at better packaging options but having said that the dress arrived perfectly fine and wasn’t even that creased. (My hand is there to show the size of the packet for reference).

IMG_9174 IMG_9175
Inside the paper packet the dress was folded up carefully inside an official Atelier Pierrot bag and there was a small floral patterned paper bag included which contained some sweets, a Teatime Treasures business card, an official Atelier Pierrot postcard and to my surprise a birthday card. I had mentioned the dress was to be a gift but I never expected them to include a card, I was really touched – it’s such a pretty card and was a really nice personal gesture.

IMG_9176 IMG_9177 IMG_9178 IMG_9179
Look how pretty the dressy dress is!! The dress is one of their corset bustle dresses in blue and black.

IMG_9180 IMG_9181 IMG_9184

Unfortunately it’s not a happy ending to the story as the dress just wouldn’t fit me. I didn’t measure it to check it is actually the sizes stated on the website as they are the sizes stated by the brand so I would assume they are reasonably accurate. I think I’m just the wrong proportions for the style. So unfortunately I had to return it, at a cost of another £8.45 as obviously I had to send it back special delivery so I’ve lost £20 on postage costs – Royal Mail make me mad! Still it couldn’t be helped. I checked my measurements against those on the site, Teatime Treasures assisted in every way they could too it’s just one of those things that happens when buying online. £20 out of pocket is much better than having an £165 dress in the wardrobe that won’t fit me. I’m currently waiting for a refund, they haven’t processed that yet so I’m not sure how long that takes. Sad I only got to own it for a couple of days and that it didn’t fit, still for a very brief amount of time I did own something by my favourite brand.

I can’t fault their service at all, they were very warm and helpful, the whole purchase transaction itself was really smooth and the item was sent out straight away. Hopefully I will be able to make a more successful purchase from them in the near future.


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