Bodyline Misc Accessories – Review

A while ago Bodyline had a massive sale on their accessories and also had free shipping on at the same time. I’ve already got a bunch of hair accessories and a lot of the other items in the sale didn’t appeal but I did place a very small order for a few accessories. The accessories I bought are all priced at 300 Yen which is about £1.75 each but as they had free shipping on the full total was only 1200 Yen. I bought 4 items which cost me £7.42 in total through paypal, their conversion always seems to be a bit higher than what google say’s, so that’s £1.86 per item. I checked out in Yen as the items are priced at £3 if you set the currency to £s which is quite a bit more.

DSC08981 DSC08983

The items were posted in a shoe box that was lined with some bubble wrap to keep them safe.


First Item: Black Skeleton Necklace ACC1217

Stock Photo:


My Photos:
DSC08985 DSC09001 DSC08999 DSC09003 DSC09004
As you can see it looks exactly like the stock photos.
The first item is this silly moveable black skeleton necklace. It’s from the Sundries necklace & choker section. Laid out flat he is about 3.5” long from the top of his head to bottom of his foot and the chain is approx 13” long. The chain is nice and smooth and the skeleton is super jiggly as all his parts move about. It is not the best quality but is easily worth what I paid. I do worry that the black shiny stuff it is coated with may chip and flake off over time.


Second Item : Owl Necklace ACC944

Stock Photo:


My Photos:

DSC08986 DSC08997 DSC08993 DSC08995
Again it looks exactly like the stock photos.

The next item is also from the Sundries necklace & choker section. It’s a super cute owl necklace that’s a reddy-brown and gold colour. He has a flower pattern on his front and little gem stones. His tail moves slightly side to side. He’s not quite 2” long from the top of his head to bottom of his tail and the chain is about 14” long. The links on the chain are very small, I have no idea what the metal is but it’s a dark brass colour and feels smooth. I don’t know if it may discolour the skin, I have lots of other necklaces that use a similar chain but I always wear them over a high neck blouse so I don’t know. The owl is super cute, it has a stray green bead stuck in the back open work section, it doesn’t affect anything though. He has a bit of weight to him and although he is obviously not of top quality the finish is nice and he’s totally worth the price. I have bought much worse stuff off ebay and even market stalls, sometimes for a fair bit more.


Third Item: Skull & Spike Stud Hairband ACC1154


Stock Photo:

My Photos:

DSC08987 DSC09005 DSC09006 DSC09007 DSC09008
Looks like the stock photo.
The next item was in the Sundries headband section. It’s a simple black PVC type strip elastic headband with spike studs and skulls on. The front part is PVC and it has elastic at the back so it will fit a range of head sizes. Some of the screws stick out a bit on the inside, could do with being a bit flusher but you don’t really feel them when you wear it. It all seems secure enough, I don’t think any will fall off. Can’t say much else about it really.


Fourth Item: Blue Japanese Cat Purse ACC1044


Stock Photo:


My Photos:

DSC08984 DSC08990 DSC08991 DSC08988 DSC08989
The last item is from the lolita bag section and is a super cute Japanese print cat purse. It’s made from fabric and fastens with a metal snap clasp. There’s a small jingly bell on a bit of cotton, the cotton is just tied at the end so this could easily come off. Also as the cat is 3D and the parts are sewn on the front I would worry about it catching on items in your bag and getting bent/coming loose. Also I think most of it may be glued rather than sewn and I can see a couple of small stitches attaching it to the cats face but one has already come undone so I may need to re-stitch it. Its probably best as a decorative item/gift than for actual use as a purse. Though I guess it may work for occasional use. There was a piece of sponge inside to help it keep its shape though it looks like the back may have gotten a bit squashed anyway. Overall though it’s really cute and nicely made, I just don’t know if it would stand up to regular use.

Sum Up: I think given that each item didn’t even cost a full £2 they are excellent value for money. Especially given that I didn’t even have to pay postage for them. If the same items were sold in shops over here they would easily be priced at more. Also I think its great they were sent in a shoe box to protect them.


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