Lolita Fashion and Me – Part 3

This is the concluding part to my anniversary series and covers miscellaneous tips and advice based on what I discovered and learnt when starting out in the fashion.


Misc Handy Tips:

• Trail and error is part of learning. You will buy things that don’t fit, don’t suit you, aren’t as you expected they would be, that’s just how it goes. Don’t let it get you down just sell stuff on and use what you learnt to make a better purchase.

• Don’t buy anything too expensive to start with until you have a good idea about what suits you and what will actually fit.

• Don’t buy a dress that is literally the size of your max measurements, its unlikely to fit, plus if it’s a jsk you need extra room to get a blouse under it.

• Be prepared to buy secondhand, it will save you a fortune in shipping and customs fees.
If something doesn’t work or fit just sell it on and count it as a learning experience.

• Ignore negative comments. If family or friends seem confused about the fashion then show them lots of pretty images and answer any questions they have. If they don’t like certain aspects then there’s not much you can do as everyone has their own taste but try and find things you think they will like, it helps warm them to the idea and break the ice.

• Find local lolita’s and join online groups. You can get all sorts of advice from being able to ask others, plus its nice to be able to share in your interest with others. They are well connected through facebook groups so the best bet is to find your local group on there and start by introducing yourself and talking to the members online. It’s a great way to break the ice before turning up to a meet.

• If attending a local meet is scary then attend a larger convention first that you know other lolitas will be at. Try to get talking to individual lolitas attending, stall holders or sometimes a larger meet up is arranged so you could go to that. If it doesn’t go well you know that most of them won’t remember you and you can try again next time.

• Learning to put together a great co-ordinate takes practise, patience, correct clothing and time. As the name suggests its all about co-ordinating the whole outfit so it works well together. Colour balance is extremely important, getting the right balance can make even a simple outfit striking.

• Have Fun! Fashion should be fun and something that you enjoy so don’t over worry about anything. Yes lolita is quite complex and has a lot of rules but no-one expects you to get everything right on your first few goes.

• Reflecting back on past co-ords is always a good idea as you can see how much you have improved and learnt. Its great for a positive boost if you start to feel like you are getting nowhere or that you haven’t improved anything.


I’m still learning, and I personally feel I have a long way to go before I will put together a co-ordinate that I’m really happy with. The thing is that it takes a while to get the hang of things and everyone starts somewhere so don’t let outfit worries put you off getting out there and meeting people. As long as you make an effort and show you know your stuff about the basics of the fashion it will be fine. The more research you do the better. Lolita has really changed my life. I’ve met so many new people and made new friends purely due to the fashion. I’ve also been to some wonderful events and now go to conventions more regularly. It even inspired me to start this blog. I hope that you have enjoyed my blog over the last year and that you stay with me through this next one and beyond. I’m forever learning and my style develops, I’ve also gained more confidence which allows me to be more experimental than I ever would have been with fashion before. Even if lolita isn’t your thing, you should still find a style that you like and that you can express yourself through. I find it really rewarding and fun and wonder why I was ever so scared in the first place.


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