S-Con Event

Last Sunday I went to S-Con which is a small local convention that took place at the Baths Hall in Scunthorpe. I attended it last year (I did a short blog post about it) and due to my blog and the fact I went in lolita I was asked to do a talk. The event costs just £5 bought in advance or £8 on the door and runs 11am – 5pm.Now my intention originally was to attend the whole event, however having been down to London and back the day before I was pretty much worn out plus by the time I got ready (lolita is complicated) and organised all my stuff I didn’t get there until about 12pm. My talk was happening at 1pm.

IMG_8687 IMG_8685

I had a quick look around the stalls after setting my stuff up at the side of the stage, saw a bit of the quiz – most of it was totally lost on me, I’m not really that in to Manga and Anime. I then went on stage and did my talk which I think over ran slightly – oops! I have no idea exactly what I said.

My Talk:

The Baths Hall stage is soo big!


Look How Big The Stage Is!!!

Pic of the stage taken from the side of the stage

Pic of the stage taken from the side of the stage

Items on the rail

Items on the rail

Photo of me on stage doing my talk. Photo credit goes to Roni and the S-Con facebook page.

Photo of me on stage doing my talk. Photo credit goes to Roni and the S-Con facebook page.

After my talk I did some shopping, Wildcard were selling these awesome T-shirts that I couldn’t resist. They are the same people that I bought from at Em-Con. It turns out they have a shop based in Lincoln and the designs are produced by local artists too!!  Sorry the pics aren’t great. They were 3 for 2 so worked out at £10 each, the one not pictured is a gift for someone else.


IMG_8778 IMG_8779

I also picked up this awesome postcard from Genki Gear. I have been known to have Octopus headwear, it was too fitting not to get it!

IMG_8776 IMG_8777


I also saw the fursuiting talk, I had hoped maybe some of them were crafters and made their own but sadly they all had bought ones. It was still interesting though as it seems the media likes to paint a fairly narrow and somewhat negative picture of fursuit wearers – there’s a  surprise! I love the craft element though, the detail, character and craftsmanship is amazing. It sounds like Helen McCarthy’s talk afterwards would have been worth seeing, it was all to do with Japanese clothing and how Cosplay came about and she was going to look at kawaii culture as well. I had to go though as I needed a lift to get my stuff home and I was just sooo tired 😦

Here’s an awesome video that shows some of the key features and highlights of this year’s S-Con, it also features a little bit of me doing my talk too *cringe*:


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