Enchanted Event

This last weekend was a very busy one. On Saturday 5th April I travelled down to London for the first Street Fashion Europe event ‘Enchanted’. Lots of photos are up on the following pages now:


Street Fashion Europe is a collaboration between the different lolita communities across Europe. The idea is to hold a large fashion event each year but in a different country each time. This first one was held in London and was very successful. Tickets sold out in a matter of weeks. The event attracted lolita’s from all across Europe and was even filmed for Kawaii International. The footage will be featured on their next show which will air on 26th and 27th April.
The event was held at the Gibson hall in London, it was a very grand venue and the biggest lolita event to have been held so far in the UK. Technically the event should have been for all Japanese street fashion styles but the majority of attendees were lolita and the stalls generally catered mostly for lolitas to. Hopefully in the future there will be more attendees who wear other styles and the event will become more varied.
Special guests for the event were:
Hitomi Nomura – designer and buyer for Japanese brand Grimoire
Yuko Ashizawa –from Japanese brand Atelier Pierrot
Minori – model and Shironuri artist

I was so happy about Minori being there, I love her artwork! She looked just as flawless in real life as she does in all her photos, so jealous of her talent and beauty. She was also really sweet and very softly spoken.
I travelled down to the event with two of my lolita friends, we all had VIP tickets too so that meant we could get early entry to the event at 2pm and a free glass of sparkling wine. The event finished at 7pm. Although this was still a long day (10am train down, 10:50pm arriving back) it was much less tiring than Frock On! which had started at 10am in London causing us to have to get up ridiculously early to get our train. It was my first time wearing actual brand out too, I wore my Angelic Pretty dress and because it’s white I spent a lot of time stressing about how best to protect it from dirty trains etc. Easily solved – I wore my black Bodyline coat and made sure to sit on it on the train. I do love black, it’s much easier and safer to wear.
We got a little bit lost trying to find the venue and when we arrived there were already quite a few people outside. The outfits they were wearing! Everyone looked stunning, some were just so creative and there were some amazing hats and large hair pieces. I can’t even put in to words how amazing some people looked – I hope there are lots of good photos out there that I can link. Seeing the reactions of members of the public going past was amusing.

IMG_8709 IMG_8710 IMG_8715 IMG_8714

There weren’t as many stalls at this event as there had been at Frock On! and sadly no-one was selling the sort of things I was after. The Bring and Buy stall was too small for the amount of stuff they had. Was a total free for all, I tried a few times to look around it and it was a real effort. I was successful in finding this awesome bonnet but I gave up trying to have a proper look as it was just crazy around there. I also got some lovely pink and white wristcuffs from Stocking Shock.
IMG_8781 IMG_8782 IMG_8783
The first main event of the day was the fashion show. Unfortunately the sound was quite bad so I have no idea exactly which brands took part. As always there were some beautiful dresses on show. I got this video of all the models doing a final walk on the stage – my pics didn’t come out of individual ones so it seemed easier. The Atelier Pierrot stuff!! It’s always so romantic and Gothic, if only it wasn’t quite so expensive.

After this followed the auction of two outfits that had been created by Minori. She briefly explained the inspiration behind the outfits and what they were made. I liked the black and white split outfit best!

IMG_8772 IMG_8771 IMG_8768 IMG_8766 IMG_8761 IMG_8759 IMG_8756
After this was a Q&A session with the guests. I meet the Leeds girls at this time though for a group comm photo so I didn’t see this event. Apparently though as the cake buffet opened at the same time lots of the audience went to queue for cake (lolitas and their love for sweet things) plus the sound was bad so it doesn’t sound like it went that well.



Here’s a wonderful photo of me and the Leeds Comm at Enchanted. It was taken by the very talented Saoirse Clohessy Photography who was one of the official photographers at the event. You can see all her other photos from the event on the same flickr page.

Minori then did a Shironuri make up tutorial which sadly we couldn’t find decent seats to be able to see it plus again there was the sound issue so I decided to have another look around the stalls instead. There is a makeup tutorial by her online though and I’m sure someone will have filmed it:
The raffle followed this, so many prizes! The brands have been very generous, they were never ending. Sadly none of us won anything 😦 Unfortunately the event was running late so we actually had to dash off as soon as the raffle ended missing out on the final group picture, also as we were travelling back we couldn’t attend the after party either. I wish train travel was cheaper!


VIP tote bag and contents


Closeup of the tote bag design



Minori postcard with info


Atelier Pierrot design pocket mirror


Collection of flyers and business cards, some with discount codes


Minori postcard


Selection of pretty postcards




Flower Tea


Selection of sweets

Sum Up:
I had a fun day and I’m glad I went though it is a long way to go for a little bit of shopping and to see a couple of stage events. It was also quite expensive with the VIP ticket and train fare. I didn’t actually manage to talk to half the people I wanted to either, time just went past really fast even though they overran. I also think it’s a shame that it didn’t attract a wider range of street styles, hopefully that’s something that will improve with future events as awareness grows. I got to meet Minori though and see lots of exquisite fashion which I wouldn’t have anywhere else. Whether I would travel to a different country for the event or not depends on the guests, stalls and stage events.


2 thoughts on “Enchanted Event

  1. Hey, I saw your presentation at S Con last week. I hope you don’t mind but I’ve featured a little bit of your presentation in my vlog about it:

    you’re in it at around 1:13

    If you want me to remove the bit with you in just say the word 🙂

    take care

    • Hi Stephen, I actually spotted it on the S-Con page and just watched it. Thanks for featuring my talk! I was going to link the video on my S-Con post too if that’s ok? Thank you! Cassy

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