So, its been a year…

Hello lovely blog readers,
Yesterday marked a year since I started my blog and I just wanted to thank all my followers and regular readers for being there. I hope you find what I write helpful and interesting. I still haven’t achieved most of the aims that I wanted to but I will continue to work towards that. I also still have loads of planned posts to actually get finished and put up – I’m so sorry for the delays. Life just gets in the way….

Here are just some of the things you can look forward to me posting about over the next year:

More clothing/shop/wig/accessories etc reviews
Event reviews and write ups (Enchanted, S-Con, Hyper Japan, the Asylum)
My S-Con talk
Meet ups
Outfit posts
More fashion introductions and tips on shopping and styling
Interesting finds online
A review of the Nightmare Rising JSK
Bodyline clothing reviews
Steampunk vs lolita
Petticoat help and advice

There is also my anniversary write up series about my personal experience of getting in to lolita fashion, mistakes, learning, helpful tips and support and about how it’s had an impact on my life.
I hope you continue to read it, also if there is ever anything you would like me to do a post about please get in touch!


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