Cute Movies

I just read the newest post on my friends blog (she’s doing a so many topic challenge thing) and it encouraged me to share a similar post here. Her topic was looking at movies for lolita’s to watch, I’m not going to do that but I do have a few films that I would suggest for anyone who likes something cute, quirky and different. I will also add to the list as I find/watch more.

Kamikaze Girls:
The first film I want to mention is actually lolita related. It’s a Japanese film called Kamikaze Girls. Its about a sweet lolita girl called Momoko who strikes up an unlikely friendship with a biker gang girl called Ichigo.  Its super cute and funny as well as telling a tale about friendship and what makes you happy in life. Momoko wears clothing by famous lolita brand Baby the Stars Shine Bright in the film.

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I’m A Cyborg, But That’s OK:
This is a Korean film and is about a girl, Young-goon, who believes she is a Cyborg. She gets put in to a mental institution where she meets all sorts of other patients with unusual problems too including Il-soon who feels no sympathy for people. Il-soon however does start to feel sympathy for Young-goon and cares about her so he goes to unusual measures to help her out. I don’t really want to say much more as I don’t want to give anything away. It’s super quirky, odd, cute and touching. I personally think its quite romantic too.


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Mister Rococo:

Mister Rococo is a short 15min Japanese film that can be watched on youtube. Again it features a lolita girl (wearing Baby the Stars Shine Bright) who loves everything cute and falls for the cutest guy ever. Though it turns out he isn’t as cute as she thought and she takes up an unusual sport as a way to teach him a lesson. Silly, fun and quirky.

Studio Ghibli Films:
Not a film but a Japanese film studio who have produce some wonderful anime feature films. To be honest most of the Studio Ghibli films are lovely and heart warming. My favourite is probably My Neighbour Totoro, but that’s probably a bit cliche. I also really enjoyed The Cat Returns, though it might be worth watching Whisper of the Heart beforehand. Kiki’s Delivery Service is another popular one.



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