Misako Aoki – Lolita Icon

Misako Aoki is a key part of lolita fashion. Not only is she a famous lolita model and spokesperson from Japan but she was even appointed as a Kawaii Ambassador by the Japanese Government. She regularly attends lolita events all around the world to meet her fans, share her love for the fashion and teach others about it. She is considered an icon and lolitas everywhere look up to her. She also works as a nurse, how she manages to do everything she does I have no idea. On top of this she also seems like a genuine lovely and sweet person.

Here’s a really interesting interview with the lovely Misako Aoki by Harajuju.net. It looks at how lolita fashion is growing overseas, trends, growing old within the fashion and other interesting topics.


This article written by Misako Aoki for asian beat is also really interesting as it talks about the history of the fashion, basics of an outfit and she has her own column on there about her daily life.



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