Rococo Daze – Review

A bit before Christmas I eventually decided to treat myself to a brand dress, my Mum said I could have money towards it as a present. I had been admiring the Strawberry Parlour Shirring set by Angelic Pretty on the Rococo Daze website. Rococo Daze set up recently here in the UK selling pre-owned lolita clothing and accessories and new brand items from Juliette et Justine, Enchantic Enchantilly, wigs by Lockshop and accessories from Chocomint. I had been admiring this dress regularly for months, looking up co-ords using it, double checking the sizing etc before eventually deciding to buy it. I have a lot of events coming up this year which is also partly the reason I wanted to get a nice brand dress.

Here is my very long and slightly mixed review of my experience with buying from Rococo Daze. There’s a short sum up towards the bottom.

On the 1st December I eventually decided to take the plunge. Ordering from the page is really easy, you just add items to your basket and select the shipping you want. I then paid using paypal. I received an email back from Rococo Daze thanking me for my order and stating it would be posted the following day and that I would get an email with my tracking info. On the 4th Dec I had another email from Rococo Daze saying that my order had been posted the day before by Special Next Delivery but that she had noticed the headbow had not been included like it should have been. She stated though that she would personally send it out the same day (4th December) so it would arrive asap and apologised for the inconvenience.

The JSK arrived on Wed 4th December it was folded up and inside a bubble envelope which had fancy Rococo Daze logo stickers on it. I thought given the price and the fact they are running a business the dress may have been packed a bit nicer, maybe with some tissue paper or at least inside a bag. There were no order details with it either but she had included a cute Christmas card. I was a bit disappointed that the headbow wasn’t with it as I had wanted to try it all on together plus it was my first proper brand dress and had a matching headbow! It wasn’t a massive issue though as the situation had been explained and I knew my headbow would arrive soon (or so I thought). I also discovered that the JSK has two hidden pockets! It also has a slight built in petticoat and pretty lace trim.

IMAG2205IMAG2209 IMAG2208 IMAG2211

It got to the 9th of December and the headbow still had not arrived which I thought was a bit strange given it had been posted on the 4th and usually things take 3 days max to arrive and that’s if they were posted second class. I decided to do a search for other reviews on Rococo Daze and found one saying that their only criticism about them was how long it took for them to post their item out. I sent them an email just to check on the status of the headbow and also in case it had been sent as I worried it was maybe lost. I also messaged them on facebook too on the 10th Dec just in case the email may not get seen straight away but got no reply to either. I decided to post on their facebook wall on the 16th saying I had sent them a message as I was pretty sure that would get a quicker reaction as they wouldn’t want anything negative to be posted or to worry any other future customers. They replied to my facebook message the same day on the 16th, funny that. They told me that the headbow had been posted Friday 6th Dec but had been returned to them as the postman was unable to deliver it. I have never had that happen with anything before and also if they are unable to deliver they put a note through the door and the parcel is taken to your local sorting office. The only time that something would get sent pretty much straight back to the sender is if the address they wrote on it was wrong or you had moved and were no-longer at that address etc.  Anyway they promised they would post it the following day by Next Day Delivery (so the 17th Dec and it would arrive on the 18th) and to make sure someone was in so it didn’t happen again. My Dad waited in all day for it to arrive and it didn’t come!

Pretty Dress:
DSC08657 DSC08658 DSC08659 DSC08660 DSC08664 DSC08663

I messaged them again on the 18th to tell them it hadn’t arrived (my Dad wasn’t too happy about wasting his day) and could they 100% confirm when they were posting it so it didn’t happen again. The reply said that it had been posted but as it’s close to Christmas Royal Mail is inundated with mail and so unfortunately parcels can be late. Now this is an interesting statement as Royal Mail swears by its promise to deliver on time or you get a full refund, they had no info saying that parcels were running late on their website and also we were using them at work to get stuff to customers on time too. I gave them the benefit of the doubt, they sent me a tracking number and a photo of the receipt – which coincidently didn’t include the top of it where the date and time posted is written. I used the tracker and it said that the item was received at the post office on the 18th and then it gradually made its way up the country to arrive on the 19th, the label stuck on it which is printed when you take your item to the post office even had the 18th printed on it. She swore repeated that she posted it on the 17th though but the evidence doesn’t support that so I find it hard to believe that’s true.

Anyway on the 19th December the headbow arrived, I was so relieved but also a bit annoyed considering the dress got here on the 4th and how much chasing up it needed to get it sent. I was also a bit concerned when the headbow arrived as it was in a really small padded envelope and was really squashed flat.  It looked a bit like it had been vacuumed packed as it was that flat around the edges – I now know why it probably looked like this, see my note at the bottom. When I opened the packet the headbow was just in there, no apology note, no extra packing or padding of any kind and the bow was wedged in at a slight angle as it literally only just fit. Luckily it didn’t seem to be damaged, though one side of the bow is slightly squashed. It cost her a fair bit to post it too as Next Day is not cheap, it’s a shame as the whole thing could have been so easily avoided.

IMAG2242DSC08655 DSC08656

Review Sum Up:

The dress itself was in pristine condition, its lovely. I’m fairly certain its pre-owned but I can’t decide if it’s actually been worn or not, sadly the listing on Rococo Daze itself was a bit lacking on info but it certainly hasn’t been worn much if at all. The listing didn’t state that it was used or pre-owned but Angelic Pretty isn’t a brand they stock so it must have come from somewhere else. The headbow is ok overall though one side seems a bit flatter like the wire got a bit squashed/bent, though that’s not surprising really. It’s also not that noticeable. Other than that its fine. I can’t fault the products themselves and although I think that more care could be taken with the packaging side they did arrive here safe and overall undamaged. Some of the original listings on the website could do with a little bit more info posting too, seems a bit rushed.  Communication to begin with was really good and the service was good too as the posting of the dress was as expected and arrived when I was told it would. Ignoring my messages, posting on facebook but still not replying to my message on there, making excuses that just don’t add up and then not properly apologising for the extra delay with posting etc has tainted my overall experience and my view of them. I have been put off from buying from them again, plus it seems chasing up items is a regular occurrence too which is not good if you want to operate as a business. To be honest though even if there’s a problem or delay I would still have been ok as long as I had been updated on the situation, its being ignored that’s not nice. Anyway so that concludes my really long, in depth and mixed review.

Interesting Important Fact: here’s something I learnt recently – anything sent as a letter/large letter is put through some sort of a roller on its journey. I didn’t know this before and it will make me rethink how I post things in the future, especially anything fragile, jewellery, or stuff that’s a bit bulky as it will probably get damaged.


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