Steampunk Lolita Pirate Inspired Outfit

I thought I had posted this already but it seems I didn’t, I guess I decided it was off topic. I have now decided to post it as it features items from brands I have reviewed on here and mentioned before.

I am interested in Steampunk as well as lolita and attend an event called ‘Weekend at the Asylum’ every year, its the most awesome event ever! This is my outfit from the Saturday. I combined certain lolita elements with Steampunk ones, its more Steampunk overall though.

tumblr_mtj09gT7Dz1rdn9bdo1_500 tumblr_mtj09gT7Dz1rdn9bdo2_500

Hat – handmade by my friend and slightly adjusted by me to match my outfit better
Wig – Geisha Wigs ‘Fire’
Blouse – G.L.P (Gothic Lolita Punk)
Skirt with waist corset – Bodyline L469
Spats – handmade by me
Locket Necklace – Claires
Gun & Holster – painted/handmade by me


I also made a Steam Bear (Steampunk Bear) who sort of matched my outfit. He won a highly commended rosette, doesn’t he look proud!


The Teddy Bear was rehomed from a charity shop, everything else made by me. The gun took ages and was super fiddly to do, I love how he turned out though.


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