One Nine Six etsy shop – Review

I came across this cute little etsy store totally randomly as my friend posted a link to it on facebook. No idea how she happened across it. Anyway I clicked to see what they were selling and really liked the look of their items but I just couldn’t decide what to buy. Luckily they do mystery bags which are £7 but include £20 worth of goodies. It sounded too good to be true but as I can’t resist a goodie bag, a bargain or cute jewellery I decided to risk it and see. You can specify not to get certain types of items too (as long as it’s for good reasons) which was great as I can’t wear earrings so they are of no use to me. I bought the item and added a little message saying no earrings please as I can’t wear then waited excitedly for my items to arrive. I bought it on Thursday 9th Jan really late on, the seller sent me a dispatch message through etsy on the 10th Jan and my items arrived Saturday 11th Jan. The padded envelope had a cute unicorn sticker on it and the writing was in pretty pink pen. The items inside were in a pretty paper bag.

The mystery bag was £7 and postage was an additional 75p so in total I paid £7.75. Contents of the bag:

Silly Unicorn Necklace (£5 in etsy shop)
Pterodactyl Phone Charm (not sure on the value but the Pterodactyl necklace is £5)
Pair of Totoro heart hair slides (£2 in etsy shop)
Large glittery panda brooch
Small heart ring
Anime character cameo necklace
Anime character phone charm
Hatsune Miku phone pouch

It was all packed really nicely too and she included some other cute bits like stickers and Pokemon cards.

DSC08634 DSC08624

Would make a great surprise gift for someone (or yourself) and is easily worth the £7 that I spent. She also shipped really fast and included a cute little note, super happy.


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