Wonder Box Lucky Pack – Review

Wonder Box is a fairly new online accessory shop that started up on facebook in July last year. The owner of the business makes some really stunning and elaborate hair pieces as well as more simple ones. She also takes commissions. Check out the photos section on the Wonder Box facebook page.

Shop Page: https://www.facebook.com/allthewonder

To celebrate the New Year she decided to put together some special Lucky Packs (it’s a tradition that a lot of clothing stores in Japan do). I decided to purchase one as it sounded fun and they were a good price. There were two types of lucky pack on offer small and large and they came in too style options.


I opted for the Bright and Bouncy as I own loads of black hair accessories all ready. Placing my order was easy, I just sent a message on the Wonder Box, gave her my paypal address so she could send and invoice and then sent the payment. I paid for my lucky pack on the 26th December and she shipped them on the 6th January – she kept people updated by posting on the facebook page. My Lucky Pack arrived yesterday on the 8th of January. It came in a standard plastic packet, inside the contents were in plastic bags inside a patterned paper bag. She had also added a piece of thick card at one side to give extra protection and included a cute note

Here are the items


There’s a pretty flower crown made with pink roses and some pearl beading, a small heart brooch and a double bow and pearl hair clip. All super cute and nicely made.

I paid £10 plus £3 postage for these items. I’m not quite sure how the pricing is worked out though as the items should apparently total to £25 according the advert she posted. I guess if you want anything making then contacting her for a price quote is the best option.

I’m super happy with my items and the overall shopping experience, will definitely order any large commission pieces that I need doing from her.


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