I’m not a Living Doll!

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas/festive period. Unfortunately my first post of the year will not be a particularly positive one or even one of the many posts that I had planned. It’s instead to address this TV show that aired recently, I want to make some points very clear so there is no misunderstanding. Now, I know most of you who read this blog or know about lolita fashion will not need any of this explaining to you but to anyone who is unclear I just want to highlight some clear points.

This is the TV show in question: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bL-o4JNNZc

(People already have some issues with Venus Angelic and her connection to lolita fashion anyway but I’m not going in to that here)

Now, the show is all about being a ‘living doll’ which is fine, people can be and do what they want. The issue is the connection between lolita fashion and this idea of being a doll. Embracing certain doll like elements in lolita is fine and the word doll and dolly does come up within the fashion. However the main point I want to stress is it’s not about being a ‘living doll’ or even trying to look like or emulate a doll. That takes it beyond a fashion in to an escape from reality and changes the perspective of what they are doing. To look doll like is one thing, to be a living doll is something else. The show also implies that Emily is using the fashion partly as an escape but also because she seems to hate the natural her, the comments are all about how she dresses that way as she doesn’t like herself and she even goes by a different name when she is a doll. Most lolitas dress in lolita because they like the clothes and the fashion itself. I feel more confident in lolita and I often wear a wig as part of my outfit but it’s like how most women feel happier about themselves when wearing makeup or getting a new hairdo. Everyone has insecurities and does things to their appearance that make them feel better about themselves and that’s all lolitas do too, its not an escape from life but a way of improving things and being happy. I look at loads of images of lolita (and other more alternative fashions) online as I like how it looks, the creativity and expression, the cuteness, how pretty or well put together an outfit or a clothing item is – the same as when other people look at mainstream fashion magazines.  Now obviously there are lots of lolitas out there so I can’t speak for all of them but the vast majority of us are not ‘living dolls’ nor do we consider it ‘dolly’ fashion. I am not a doll, I don’t aim to be perfect or look like I’m made from porcelain, personally I just want to look young and healthy, feel pretty, cute and happy and to enjoy life.

***Further Update***
There was actually a very different type of Living Doll covered recently on a show by Channel 4, this helps to highlight just how important it is not to label things incorrectly and to confuse terms. I am certainly not one of those types of dolls either. I’m all about lolita which is a fashion and as bad a name choice as lolita is (why did they have to pick that name) it is what it is, please stop trying to re-name it or brand it as something else or imply its a new thing (like cupcake fashion in the case of band EME15).


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