Starsqueak Lolita Chibi Design

My new user icon on here was designed by the lovely Laura Tattersfield. I contacted her over facebook to see if she would design a cute lolita chibi for me to use here on my blog. I’m supposed to be using her as part of a header on here to make it all look nice but I haven’t got around to it yet as I just don’t seem to have enough free time currently. Anyway I had seen her artwork before at the rainbow meet (she had designed something that was given as a birthday gift to a couple of the girls) and on the tea party club flyers at Frock On. Laura is super talented and she’s lovely to deal with. Her prices are also great value. Nothing was too much to do and I didn’t like a couple of things about the original drawing but she happily tweaked it and was always very professional. I highly recommend her if you ever need something cute designing. Here’s a small copyrighted version of the chibi, it will have to do until I get my header sorted. I gave her a very rough idea of what I wanted doing and she used her artistic flare and skill to come up with this. Isn’t she cute? she is also slightly cat themed to go with my blog and created in similar colours to those I used on the main page. I’m really happy with the final image and the overall service. Thanks so much Laura!!

Laura’s Art Page:

Also just to make it clear I paid her for this design, as a normal customer, she didn’t do it as a favour in return for this write up or anything like that.


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