Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone and a Massive Merry Christmas to you all!!

I apologise for how quiet my blog has been lately but work has been crazy. I’ve spent nearly all of December at work so far which has made it really hard to find time to post. The good news is that things should calm down a bit after Christmas which will leave me more free time. So, what do I have planned for you next? Well how about loads of well overdue reviews. I bought a bunch of stuff from Bodyline which I shall post about (cutsews, a jacket, jsk, wig), some cute necklaces from ebay, a dress from Rococo Daze, a dress from Ergi, a bonnet from Stocking Shock – these were mostly bought ages ago and I just haven’t posted about it yet. There’s also a post about petticoats that I want to do which will show just how much of a difference they make to a dress/skirt, I own them in different styles and materials so I thought it would be interesting to show how much they vary. I will also do a short post about what I did for International Lolita Day and reveal the lovely Chibi artwork that I had designed for me. These are all just for starters, there are also more style introductions I want to do, events and meets I will be going to and stuff that I will end up buying so it’s going to be a busy year next year here on my blog.

Hope you all have a wonderful time!! Thanks so much for all the support, views, likes, follows and comments that I’ve had so far, I hope you will continue to view my blog in the future too. Big Christmassy hugs to you all!


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