A day of March Madness

Recently it was decided to put together a lolita calendar that would represent the different communities around the UK and raise money for the next big lolita fashion event in Aug/Sept time. 12 communities came forward and each was assigned a month at random. Leeds were given March so the theme they came up with was Mad March Hares. They wanted to create a mad hatter type style tea party so it was decided that the location would be the Interlude tea room in Shipley. I decided to make some brown fake fur rabbit ears as the theme was hares and then I wore my Alice in Wonderland skirt as I was struggling to find anything else to wear that fitted the theme. I also made a small felt rabbit/hare that I was going to make a waistcoat and bowtie for too but I ran out of time so I took him as he was.
I’m sorry these pics aren’t great, my phone camera is not the best:

IMAG2138 IMAG2150 IMAG2156

The whole day was chaos we rearranged the whole cafe and could barely all fit in shot, there were accessories and props everywhere and the photographer found it difficult to arrange people so they didn’t have bunny ears obstructing their face but it was loads of fun too. The Leeds picture was even chosen as the front cover for the calendar! Personally I preferred the second picture choice to the one that got chosen but I think we certainly captured the theme of March Madness!

Outfit Shot:
DSC08381 DSC08382

Tea Room: http://www.interludecafes.com/

Calendar Link: http://www.lulu.com/shop/hayley-tolley/tea-party-club/calendar/product-21346157.html;jsessionid=179DEC9E37A24CF374545196E703ED4E


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