Style Introduction : Mori Girl Fashion

I don’t wear Mori Girl fashion myself so I can’t really comment in an in depth way about this fashion style but there are a lot of blogs and fashion sites dedicated to the fashion so I will link some at the bottom . I just wanted to cover some basic stuff for anyone who may be interested in the fashion or who didn’t know about it so that they have somewhere to start from

It doesn’t seem to be as popular in Tokyo as it used to be but it’s still popular here as it was included in the Hyper Japan fashion show and at the Austen & the Abbey event this year. Layered fashion is always popular, especially within Europe (which is partly where Japan girls originally got the inspiration from) so it makes sense that there are quite a few Mori Girls around.

Mori means forest in Japanese so Mori Girl fashion is all about being a girl from the forest. Mori girls often wear vintage clothing and accessories mixed in with new. The colours worn tend to be natural tones so lots of white, beige, brown, cream, ivory etc . The Mori Girl look involves lots of layering and using different textures and fabrics like knits, lace and tulle. Most of the clothing tends to be loose, flowy and oversized rather than close fitting to the body. Generally natural fabrics are preferred over synthetic. Its all about keeping things simple and natural so generally Mori Girl makeup is very minimal, they don’t do fancy fake nails or wear wigs or large hair extensions.

Popular clothing items include ponchos, shawls, gold jewellery, A-line skirts, smock dresses, puff sleeved blouses and tights/leggings.

Its quite easy to get hold of clothing here that would work for Mori Girl fashion as there are loads of vintage shops around the UK and due to our varied weather you can always find lots of nice knitted items too. Its also a good climate for wearing Mori Girl fashion.


Lifestyle: Unlike with some of the other Japanese fashions Mori Girls tend to have certain interests and behaviours so it goes beyond just wearing the fashion. They tend to be more on the quiet side both in their fashion and behaviour. None of it is about standing out or attracting attention but more about keeping to themselves and savouring the smaller things in life that a lot of people miss. Its not flashy and showy but more muted, quiet and delicate. They also have interests in antiques, taking photos, spending time alone in cafes, curiosity shops and reading books.

This article in particular is a really interesting read, it outlines the rules that you need to follow in order to join an online Mori Girl community:

All the photos used are from Tokyo


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