Mori Girl – How to get the look

Colours include pale shades like white, ivory, cream, beige teamed up with earthy autumn tones like warm reds, orange, brown, dark blue or green, mustard yellow.

Fabrics/textures: tulle, lace, knits, embroidery, wool, linen. Natural fabrics, chunky knits and ethnic type embroidered items.

Items are generally layered and loose fitting.

Wonder Rocket team
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Top to Toe

Headwear: There is no strict rule on headwear but things like earmuffs, lace headbands (vintage/handmade), fur or knit hats or a simple bow are fine.

Hair: soft waves, straight, loose low pigtails or bunches, just keep it simple or have your natural hair.

Face/Makeup: again keep it fairly plain and simple. Mori Girls quite like being their natural skin colour and being fairly pale. A popular choice is to have round rosy cheeks (think vintage dolls) but its a personal choice.

Outerwear: knitted ponchos, boleros, cardigans, shawls, shrugs.

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Tops: light floaty oversized blouses and shirts, waistcoats, long-sleeved jumpers, simple tops that can be worn under a dress or shirt

Dresses: anything that’s loose fitting or oversized. Can be in light floaty fabric or in more wintery wool/knitted type fabrics. Vintage styles, floral prints. Generally knee length or longer.

Skirts: Long full, flowy skirts. A-lines. Can layer skirts up or try and buy ones that look layered.

Legs: tights or leggings. Plain, knit effect or with floral/nature prints on.

Feet: flat shoes. Things like simple slip-ons, fur/wool lined or trimmed boots, think comfort and simple styles.
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Where to shop:

Vintage clothing stores and antique places – not only can you find clothing here but they will probably have vintage fabrics, lace and trims as well so you can make or alter stuff.

Charity shops sometimes get vintage stuff in too but you never know what you might find in a charity shop so they are always worth visiting. As are carboots/garage sales.

High street stores often get suitable clothing in as part of the Autumn Winter range so I would check there

Ebay, you can find everything and anything on ebay. They have a vintage clothing section but I’m sure there is loads of suitable stuff on there that you probably get hold of quite cheap.


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