Tumblr Links

Hello, I’m sure lots of you have Tumblr so I thought I would share some useful Tumblr links, I will add a few more soon.

This is a new Tumblr page and it is dedicated to bringing you lots of UK based ebay finds that would work well for various Japanese fashion styles: http://ebayfindsuk.tumblr.com/

This page brings you all sorts of UK Fairy Kei finds and items located in shops or on etsy: http://ukfairykei.tumblr.com/

This page is all about lolita decor so its filled with pretty room pictures, tutorials, tips etc for making your room pretty: http://fyeahlolitadecor.tumblr.com/

ThreadBanger is full of DIY tutorials and tips for making a whole range of different items. They are more alternative rather than Japanese street fashion but its a great place for finding inspiration and ideas: http://threadbanger.tumblr.com/

This is my tumblr (just in case you were interested), I post random stuff, outfit shots, crafts, finds etc: http://mizzfluffybunny.tumblr.com/


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