Pirating About in Sheffield

The 19th of September was international talk like a pirate day so for the Sheffield lolita meet on the 21st the theme pirate/sailor was chosen. The girls hosting the meet put in a lot of thought and effort and they even bought prizes to give out to winners of various games. The day started by meeting at the train station and being put in to groups of 3 as the Leeds lolita group had travelled across to join us it meant we had a decent number of people. The first task was to design our own team flag, as we were team three our flag had a large 3 on it and was surrounded by smaller threes and pirate related imagery. The other side had a large treasure chest on it. There was also a treasure map (printed out map of Sheffield that a grid had been drawn on) and you wrote your name in a square, at the end of the day all the squares with a name on were put in a hat and the one drawn out won the buried treasure. The buried treasure was a bracelet.

The first game was to race your pirate ship through the stormy seas (water feature wall) team one and two went first then three and four. I think it was team 2 and 4 that won so they then battled against each other. The winning team won a bottle of blowing bubbles each.


 It was then on the tropical climates (tropical plant indoor gardens) to capture a parrot as all good pirates have one. The parrots where in 4 colours, each team had a different colour and you needed to collect 4 of them. They were clipped to the small wire fence thing that runs around the edge of the plants. Unfortunately we got a bit confused and didn’t realise we were supposed to get one parrot and then go back to tag another team member who would go look for the next so it sort of got messed up. Anyway the team who had tried to do it correctly and so turned up with a parrot first won and they got some bubbles too.


The city had a food festival going on the same weekend so the third task was to go on to foreign lands and see what unusual foods and offerings they had. The food festival had different types of world cuisine so we had to select 5 different countries by taking a picture of the stall. If you had selected the same country as another team though then you lost a point. It was also chance for us to have a look around and buy anything we fancied. One stall was selling some large chilli chocolate brownies so I tried one of those. It was really rich and chocolatey and more moist than a lot of brownies but didn’t taste a lot different. I also bought a bottle of water as it was a really nice sunny warm day which isn’t quite what was originally forecast (it was supposed to be overcast and cool).

My team won no games 😦 The prize for the winning team of the food task was a small book of stickers. We then headed up to another part of Sheffield to take photos and to play the final game. The final game involved tying a cannon ball (balloon) around your ankle with string and you had to try and burst everyone else’s balloon while protecting yours. If your balloon burst you were out. Most of us were out pretty quick which left two girls to battle it out for the prize, which was a massive lolly. We then went for some food in a bar that had sea themed type imagery on the walls and then went home. We all were given a pirate party bag too. The whole day was really fun and silly, I loved how much effort and imagination the girls throwing the meet put in and how simple but effective it was.



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