Claire’s Fairy Kei Sale Haul

I went in my local Claire’s today as I noticed they had a sale on. They had reduced all their pretty mint, pink and lilac stuff that’s perfect for fairy kei. I bought 2 tutus, a pair of lilac leg warmers, pink & mint bowties (which I’m going to turn in to hairbows) ribbon shoe laces and normal shoe laces. I
saved loads of money too. I’m so glad I didn’t buy any of it beforehand. If you were wanting any of these items I would check your local store or their website asap. They had also reduced the cute backpacks with wings and the ones with eyes too, these can be found on their website.

They have some cute sale items on their website too including a lovely unicorn tote bag, bunny and raccoon rings, all sorts of stuff!


The tutus were £8 each instead of £14 so I saved £12 on them.
The other items were 5 for £5 so I saved a massive £19.50 on those.


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