Frock On! – a bit more

IMG_7897 IMG_7899 IMG_7906 IMG_7908

Here are some better photos of the VIP items, there are lots of postcards, a small round mirror, a kitKat, a small lolita pin brooch and a bow with a pin brooch in the middle – my bow had a cat brooch, Yay, but its come off, Boo! So I need to glue him back on.

The only main thing I bought at Frock On was this petticoat which is massive. They only had tiny bags too so it didn’t fit or stay in the bag so I ended up having to wear it with my other one. My dress was massive! The petticoat was from One Day in Paradise and I will do a review soon.

IMG_7900 IMG_7929 IMG_7931

This wonderful artist designed some of the artwork for Frock On! she also had produced a wonderful drawing that was a present for a couple of girls at the rainbow meet. I really love her lolita art which is why I have asked her to design a chibi for me to use here on my blog. I won’t have it for a little while yet but I really want to work on getting my blog to look nicer and I thought that would be a good start.



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