Bodyline JSK L389 – Review

I often browse the Bodyline site to see if they have added anything new or reduced anything worth having that I can get for under the £15 customs limit. They hadn’t but they did have this particular JSK in stock which was only £9. I had looked at it a few times and just couldn’t decide whether to buy it or not. It doesn’t look to be the nicest dress and I wasn’t sure about the colour choices either. Anyway, one day I was browsing tumblr and I saw a youtube review posted for this dress. After watching the review and seeing how the girl put together a coord using it I decided to buy it to wear as a casual summer dress. Its cheap, full enough to get a petticoat under and would be great for a picnic meet as its not too expensive so I wouldn’t be too worried about wearing it. Stock Photo:

As usual I checked out in yen and when I saw that the full total including shipping only came to £12 something  I decided to pick out a hair accessory too. Unfortunately by the time I had done this the colour I had originally selected had already sold out in 2L so I chose the red and off-white one instead. I think I got the last one so I was lucky. All 3 colour choices are sold out in 2L now unfortunately but they still have some in size M. I have a feeling a few of us saw this review and then went to buy the dress.

For some reason bodyline shipped the dress and hair accessory in a shoe box – maybe to protect the hair accessory from getting broken? I don’t know. When I bought shoes from them ages ago they sent them wrapped in tissue paper and inside a plastic packet with no extra protection at all so it seems strange to send these cheap items so well protected.

IMAG1520 IMAG1522 IMAG1523

Anyway, the dress came with 2 matching bows that you just pin on. One large and one small one, the large one as you can see is very off. They totally missed the centre on this bow so it looks awful, luckily a quick stitch should easily fix this. The smaller bow looks much better though I think its slightly off too.


The dress itself has awful cheap lace on it but luckily most of the lace is at the top so can be hidden under a shrug/cardi. The actual fabric itself is ok, its nice and light so its great for summer and the dress fits nicely. I think the fabric is known as seersucker. Also you might not be able to tell but the fabric has thin lines of reflective silver thread in it too as well as the red, white and yellow check type pattern.

 IMG_7968IMG_7970DSC08047DSC08048  IMG_7969

The waist ties are stitched on so can’t be removed, they have lace and a small ribbon bow on the bottom too. The dress has a lot of shirring and lacing ribbon so it fits a range of sizes nicely. It’s also a good length. There’s a stitched panel of really shiny fabric (think cheap costume polyester stuff) stitched inside around the bottom that’s trimmed with lace, I have no idea what the point of this is as you don’t even see it. It could look a bit like an underskirt I guess but I don’t see the point in it really.

DSC08040 DSC08041 DSC08044

It’s a shame they have used such cheap lace but that and the badly done bows are my only real criticism. It’s certainly great value for money. I even got to wear it to a picnic!


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