A Picnic in the Park

It’s a while ago now but I went to a Sheffield Lolita meet where we had a picnic. It wasn’t the best day for a picnic as it was windy, rained and was also on the cooler side however a picnic had been planned so that is what we were doing -no matter what the weather! The theme for the meet was country/classic picnic so I chose my new Bodyline JSK that I reviewed in the post before. We were all given different food and drink items to bring – I was in charge of fresh veg type stuff so I took some carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes and some grapes as they were on offer and grapes are yummy. Luckily it hadn’t rained in Sheffield the night before so the ground was dry. The picnic location had already been decided on by the girls planning the meet, it was in a pretty park near the museum. We set everything out and had just about finished eating when it started to rain so it was a case of pack up super quick and make a dash for the museum. The museum had lockers, so useful!! so we bundled our stuff in there and had a good nosey around the museum. When we came out it had stopped raining but was still quite windy so we were clutching tightly on to our boaters. Also it was one of those days when you are really glad to have bloomers on. We stopped outside to take the obligatory outfit shots and silly photos before stopping off in a local pub to have a couple of drinks and a chat before heading to the train station to go home. It was fun!! We also had enough food left over to have been able to feed another 30 people, lol.

Outfit Shot (taken at home before braving the weather):


IMG_7771 IMG_7775
I changed my outfit slightly from the one above (on the floor) as I swapped the light shrug for a thicker cardi, added a sash and flowers to the hat and actually wore my red ballet shoes instead of the white ones.

Hat – Primark, sale item 50p (I added fabric around it and 2 flower clips)
JSK – Bodyline, £9
Cardi – charity shop find (about £4)
Ankle Socks – highstreet store (can’t remember which), £3
Accessories – necklace I’ve had for years, bracelet I made from a broken necklace, bow ring was maybe from New Look and about £2.50
Bag – charity shop find, £1

Sillyness (photo credit to Lola H Bell):


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