Hyper Japan – A more personal account with outfits, food and shopping


On the Friday morning I travelled down to London, checked in to my hotel, got changed and went straight out to Hyper Japan. I got to the venue and there was already a massive queue all the way around the building but as I’d arrived for the door opening time that’s to be expected. It was boiling hot and there isn’t much shade outside but luckily the queue moved fairly fast and within half an hour I was inside and in time to see the first performance of the day – Japan Media Arts Festival Animated Shorts. Some of the films were a bit weird so I decided instead to look around the stalls and come back to see rock band Vaniru later. Vaniru’s performance was very strange, the guitarist spent most of his time well away from the singer, bent over at a weird angle and hardly ever looked up (he was also clearly miming) and the singer swished his hair about a lot and did strange hand gestures. It was then time for Robotic Hand demonstration but I’d seen that at Christmas so went shopping instead and bought these cute rings and necklace (I’m sorry for the photos, my phone camera is rubbish):

IMAG1573 IMAG1576 IMAG1577

The lollipop and dog rings were from the loungefly stall, carousel horse ring I can’t remember and the necklace was from I love Kitsch stall. I then watched the Siro-A performance which was great fun, I love them and listened to the Geisha Talk afterwards which concluded the day’s events.

My outfit for Friday was a creepy cute/pastel goth type style in purple and black. Unfortunately I didn’t get any great photos as the place I was staying didn’t have a mirror in the bedroom and the bathroom mirror/lighting just wouldn’t work as it was too dark.


Bat Hair Accessories – made by me and soon to be available to buy from my etsy
Wig – Dreamy Store
T-Shirt – men’s t-shirt that I found on ebay and then customised by undoing the side seems at the bottom and adding cute ribbon bows
Necklace – handmade by me and soon to be available to buy from my etsy
Skirt – found in a charity shop
Accessories – various high street stores, bat and purple stars bracelet from Mizz Kitty on etsy.


Saturday I again arrived fairly early at the venue and got straight in (I bought a weekend ticket so already had my wristband as I collected it Friday). It was much hotter than Friday so I’m glad I didn’t need to queue but the walk to the venue was awful. I saw a little bit of the Rakugo performance (Japanese story telling) but it wasn’t quite my thing so I went for another wonder around the stalls. It was then time for the fashion show and a performance by Yun*chi which I enjoyed. There was a lolita meet happening after this so I went to meet with some other lolita’s. This was a bit of a confusing thing as it seemed the organiser of the meet had wandered off so we were all left just standing about for a while not sure what exactly was happening. (The original plan was go as a group to get food, hang out and take some photos). Eventually people got bored and also started to wander off or go get food so I decided to go get some food too. I had Okonomiyaki which is a pancake of cheese and sweet corn with special brown sauce, Japanese mayonnaise and seaweed flakes. It was lovely (so yummy!) and although it was quite pricey (it cost £6) it tasted delicious and was quite filling so I think on balance it was good value for money.


I then caught a tiny bit of the Cosplay happening on the main stage before I got a tap on the shoulder and was told the lolitas were meeting up to take some group photos so I went off to meet with the lolita girls again. It’s like being famous! As soon as we got together in a group everyone with a camera started taking photos all at the same time – it was crazy!
Here’s a photo I found on demotrix.com (its only a few of us, I’m still looking for the big group ones)


I then bumped into a friend so we hung out for a while, watched a few things on the smaller stage including the Cosplay entries and saw Siro-A perform again. After that I decided to call it a day as I was really tired.

For Saturday I wore lolita. I’d had a nightmare of a time trying to get ready at the place I was staying with no decent mirrors. I hate to think what my waist tie bow looked like. Again I couldn’t get a decent photo myself but here I am with another lovely lolita who’s name I sadly cannot remember – photo credit goes to See Li at demotix.com.


Hair Bows – Little Mizz Kitty on etsy
Wig – Gothic Lolita Wigs
Blouse – GLP (Gothic Lolita Punk)
JSK – Bodyline (its my carousel horse one that I did a review for before)
Accessories – Necklace came from Tokyo Royale but I altered it slightly, carousel horse cupcake ring I bought through the facebook sales and have no idea who made it originally, carousel horse ring I bought at Hyper Japan, the cupcake ring was from a local art gallery, multi coloured star bracelet was from Little Mizz Kitty on etsy and the pink and white bead bracelet was made by me.
Petticoat – Hell Bunny
Socks – I can’t remember
Shoes – please excuse my shoes, I wasn’t supposed to be wearing these ones but my feet were tired


Sunday was the final day of Hyper Japan. There should have been a UK Visual Kei meet up so I had already packed that outfit to bring. However I found out on the Saturday that it had been cancelled so I altered what I wore slightly to make it more casual. It turned out better this way as it meant I could just go straight home in it without needing to get changed plus it was much cooler to wear (it was another hot day). I met with my Visual Kei friend and we watched Siro-A (I loved them so I was perfectly happy to watch their 3rd performance). This was followed by the fashion show and Yun*chi performing. The outfits and some of the styles were slightly different in today’s show. We then met up with the couple of other UK Visual Kei fans who were supposed to be part of the original meet up and chatted to them for a while before breaking off in to a three and just hanging out most of the day looking at stalls, watching performances and visiting the Hyper Japan photo booth. We also had some shaved ice from Nice Ice Shave-Ice which I hadn’t had before. I opted for the strawberry flavour. It was great for helping you cool down but I didn’t think it was very strong on flavour and considering how expensive it is I just don’t think it’s worth it.

 IMAG1583 IMAG1585 IMAG1586

 We went as a group to watch the COSparade , I then had one last look around the stalls, said bye to my friends and headed off back to the hotel to get my stuff and go home.
Pic from the official Hyper Japan photo area:

T-shirt – Sex Pot Revenge
Skirt – same one as Friday
Leggings – select (hearts with wings print)
Accessories – various high street stores

I really enjoy going to Hyper Japan but it is a very long day and you soon get tired out. It does have a great mix of things happening all the time though and if there’s nothing on the main stage you want to see you can check out the smaller stage, gaming section, eat food, attend a workshop, shop at the stalls or see what martial art is happening. Or you can just meet new people. It’s also nowhere near as crowded as MCM so it’s a much more pleasant experience as you move freely and actually get to see things. The only downside is not having enough seating at the main stage – you are on your feet most of the day so it’s really nice to get to sit down for some of it.


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