Sorry for not posting for a while, things are just really busy this month and next with events and things. Anyway I have a few updates for you today.

The first is that Kawaii International airs again on Saturday 31st on NHK World. This time they are looking at sweet art, or rather art using food and sweets. This is what it says on their page “A very popular model AMO-chan, who love Sweets item will be on the show! AAAAANNNDDDD!!! CookieBoy will introduce art using real cookies. George will show us the latest trend of Latte Art! Second part of Minori-chan’s Paris Report will be on too!” It airs here in the UK at 8:10pm on August 31st and then is repeated roughly every 4 hours until the last showing which will probably be at some point on the Sunday evening. Currently I can’t check that far ahead on the NHK World website. (View the NHK World website or my previous posts on Kawaii.i to see how you can watch it).

Saturday 31st is also Frock On! which is a large lolita event happening here in the UK. It is run by The Tea Party Club. As well as some large Japanese brands coming there will be indie brands and designers from all over the world represented, a lot are from within the UK and Europe too – yay shopping! There will also be a bring and buy stall, photo booths, brand catwalk shows, a brand vs off-brand show (Gok Wan type style), tips on how to do hair, makeup, put together a great outfit, how to tie a bow properly etc. I shall take lots of photos and do a little write up on it afterwards. Tickets for this year’s event have sold out but they will have another event next year. More info can be found here:

Then in September on the 13, 14, 15 it’s the largest UK Steampunk festival called The Asylum. It happens in Lincoln and it will be its 5th year. I know it’s slightly off topic and not Japanese fashion related but it’s always full of wonderful creative outfits and I have seen some Steampunk lolita’s there in the past. I won’t do much of a write up on it but I will include any wonderful fashion photos that seem relevant. If you have an interest in Steampunk, Neo Victorian, Gothic type stuff then the Asylum is well worth going to. It’s so much fun!! Their website should have more info added around the start of September, it’s a bit empty currently.

My final piece of news is that I have been invited to do a talk on lolita fashion at next year’s S-Con. How exciting is that? If you read my blog regularly you will recall that I went to S-Con this year in April, it’s a small convention that happens in Scunthorpe and covers all sorts of popular Japanese culture like Cosplay, anime, manga, karaoke, gaming and last year had a sushi demonstration and some live music too. I’m not sure what else they have planned for next year’s event but I will update you when I know.


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