Rainbow Fun – Mint Coord on a budget

Last weekend I went to a lolita meet. It was a ‘rainbow’ themed meet, everyone was randomly given a colour about 2months or so in advance– I think they put names in a hat or something. I ended up with mint as my colour and typically I owned nothing in that. I didn’t want to spend too much on an outfit as it was mainly just for a meet. After quite a while of searching I found a dress on ebay. Then lots of searching around various high street stores turned up some minty accessories, mostly in the sale! Yay for bargains. On the day we took lots of photos, went to see some jousting at the Royal Armouries and then went for a meal in a vegan/vegetarian café after. It was so much fun!

This was my initial planned outfit:

Feather Hairband – Internacionale, sale item 50p
Rose Hair Clips – H&M, sale item £1 a pair (I bought 2 lots)
OP – Bodyline, but bought 2nd-hand on ebay £16
Heart Bag – bought from ebay, about £6 (i think)
Bracelet – found in a charity shop £1.50
Small Rose Ring – ebay shop, £1.78
Rocking Horse Ring – Little Mizz Kitty, £3
Mint Nail Varnish – MUA Superdrug, £1
Shoes – Primark £5 (i think)

Full Total Cost of Outfit:  £36.78

Outfit on the Day:

Bag: is my Mum’s, lol
Tights: H&M, sale item, £2
Cardi: found in a charity shop, paid £4 at the max
Large rose ring: Peacocks, sale item, £1

Oh look, its a rainbow!

Photo Credits: Beccy


2 thoughts on “Rainbow Fun – Mint Coord on a budget

    • They come up with all sorts of wonderful and fun theme ideas for their meetups, its a shame the girls that got given sax blue didn’t come as it upset the colour balance slightly but it still worked out ok in the end. Awww thankyou!! 🙂

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