Stay strong and be kawaii

Hello Lovely Blog Readers,

This is a slightly off topic and unplanned post. I came across this particular article and just had to speak out about it. It will probably keep being re-tweaked but currently they paint a very negative picture of the ‘kawaii’ Japanese street fashions and make it seem more like a joke.

Like with all the other similar articles done recently on the Japanese street fashions it is terribly inaccurate. There are so many mistakes it would take ages to correct them all. My main concern though is over the negativity it puts out. The people doing the makeup at Hyper Japan are professional makeup artists but sadly no-one filled them in on how to do any of the makeup styles properly. I saw a few girls having their makeup done over the weekend and they were all plastered in it which is not the correct way. False lashes in lolita are usually un-naturally long but not to the extreme like some they were using. Also it’s a personal choice about how long you want your lashes and if you wish to stick gems on your face. Some girls do it, but more don’t (look at any of the sweet lolita brand photos for a reference). Also, nearly everyone I know who dresses in Lolita or other street styles are usually at least in their 20s. Done correctly you can look lovely in sweet lolita even in your 30s. I strongly believe that you should be able to wear what you want, you only live once so please don’t miss out on doing something you want to do. Hyper Japan is a great place to come to be yourself and express your love for the fashion in a safe environment, on the general street reactions can be very different so if you wish to avoid such confrontations then its safer to be careful when and where you wear it. It shouldn’t be that way but unfortunately people seem much quicker to want to judge and make people feel bad rather than say anything nice. I’m 28 myself and I don’t intend giving up wearing lolita anytime soon or until I wish to. I really hope that you are never knocked back by articles like this, if you want to give the fashion a go then you should and if its not quite you then at least you know. The transformation booth at Hyper Japan was a bit of a letdown to be honest and didn’t give a true idea of the fashion at all, it was more like playing dress up which was embarrassing. If I had known what it would be like I wouldn’t have promoted it on here beforehand. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure lots of people had fun and I’m sure some loved their makeup too, its just it wasn’t an accurate portrayal of the styles.

Stay strong and be as kawaii as you want, never let others put you down!


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