Bodyline Wigs – Review

At a meet up recently a couple of girls were wearing Bodyline wigs and they looked really nice. I did a quick search online and found other good comments about their wigs so when I spotted a couple of reduced ones I decided to buy them and see for myself. The brown shoulder length wig was I think £4 and the long wavy black was £8 plus then the £6 shipping  would make it £18 in total. I checked out in yen though instead and actually paid just £13.99 taking it just under the £15 limit for customs charges. I ordered on 2 June (which was a Sunday) and selected airmail which is dispatched on a Tuesday (so the 4 June in this case) and they arrived on I think the 12 June so it was just over a week this time.

Like with my other wig reviews I just took the wigs out the packet, gave them a gentle shake and put them on. Sorry about the bad photos, the lighting was just really bad for some reason.

Stock Photos:

wig003-2 wig053-2

The wigs are in separate clear bags and have a strip of card around them for protection. They were inside a standard plastic packet like most bodyline stuff.

IMG_6605 IMG_6606 IMG_6607

The brown wig named ‘wig003 Color:(lrebr)’ is about shoulder length, made of nice soft fibre and is quite thick. Its not really shiny either. The fringe seems a little uneven but thats easy to fix. As you can see though its either not styled well or just doesn’t keep its style well as it flicks about all over the place rather than curling in towards the face like the stock photo. I’m hoping I may be able to sort this somehow. On top of that because it’s a wig, the curls always seem to bounce and spring about more than real hair would so it just looks crazy when you walk and it bounces everywhere. I don’t know if bodyline wigs can be heat styled, I will have to try and find out. It seems to be nice fibre though, I like the colour, it fits well on my head and really for about £4 its great!

IMG_7135 IMG_7136 IMG_7139 IMG_7141 IMG_7147 IMG_7149

Wig number two is a long black wavy wig called ‘wig053 Color:(blk)’. I really love this wig, its really nice and thick, the fibre is soft, its not really shiny, has pretty gentle curls. It fits well too, plus its cheap and really long. I’m really happy with it, I couldn’t find any faults or complaints. It did look quite fluffed up underneath after just trying it on for a very short period of time but some of my other wigs have done that too and usually it untangles really easy plus its just something that happens.

IMG_7151 IMG_7152 IMG_7153 IMG_7157 IMG_7161 IMG_7165

I hope they both wear well (will have to add that info at a later date) and that I can find a way to re-style the brown one slightly.

Score: 5/5


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