Little Mizz Kitty etsy shop – Review (No 2)

Etsy Shop Home:

I have another review of Little Mizz Kitty products. I regularly buy from Mizz Kitty in person at events and from her etsy store. I think her products are good value for money, super cute, nicely made and she seems to take a lot of care with the crafting and packaging of her items. I saw her recently at the Austen & the Abbey event where I purchased a cute mint coloured rocking horse ring from her. She put a business card in the bag which had a discount code on it for free shipping. On her facebook she announced she was uploading a whole load of sale items to clear out some old stock so I couldn’t resist buying a few bits. I bought a cute purple fuzzy star £3, gloomy bear necklace £1.50 and a skelanimals necklace £1.50. I ordered through etsy on the 17th July and they arrived on the 19th July.

IMG_7272 IMG_7273 IMG_7274

They came in a standard bubble envelope packet, the 2 necklaces were in a small clear bag inside and the star was in a pretty pink printed bag. They were exactly as I expected them to be and look just like the stock photo. Nicely made, everything seems very well put together and like it should wear well plus its really cute. I’m extremely happy with the items and the fast postage. Will definitely buy from her again.

IMG_7276 IMG_7275IMG_7280 IMG_7281

Quality of items  5 / 5
Match to description 5 / 5
Shipping Time 5/5


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