Geisha Wigs – Review (buying out of stock wigs)

So, I have yet another wig review for you. I know I already have lots of wigs but you can never have too many right?

Like with all the other wigs I reviewed I literally just take it out the packet, give it a gentle shake and pretty much just stick it on my head. The only styling I do is to try and smooth the fringe out the way so I can see. I don’t like to do anymore than that for the reviews as it gives a truer image of the actual wig as you receive it – with some styling you can probably get it to look much nicer and more natural like in the worn stock photo images. I’m sorry about the lighting in these photos, it was a lovely sunny day but the sun was too high in the sky to shine in to the hall properly.

Anyway, in May Geisha Wigs had a sale on and had some new wig styles so I decided to treat myself to a couple of new wigs. They run a scheme where if you buy 6 wigs you get the 7 free and I had 5 so far so I ordered two new wigs (taking me to 7 in total) and requested my free one. I bought Abyss and Fire and ordered Caramel as the free one (I chose the cheapest as the free one as it seemed fairer). Postage for one wig is £4.50 (it has gone up since my other reviews as all wigs are now sent signed for). If you buy two wigs at the same time though then postage is £7.50 so that’s a slight postage discount.

I placed my order on the 23rd May and this time decided to order out of stock wigs (all the others I bought had always been in stock). I checked the FAQ page and its says it can take up to 28 days for your wig to arrive which was fine as I didn’t need it for a specific event. I got an email confirmation of my order and then waited. Eventually on the 22 June (20working days later) Fire arrived and then on 3 July (28 working days later) Abyss arrived. The business cards had an apology note on it for how long it had taken for my wigs to arrive and gave me a £10 discount too so I can’t really complain. I’m still waiting for the free one though, I contacted them on the day Abyss arrived and was told that free wigs take longer to come. Not too much of an issue as I haven’t parted with any money but at the same time its an offer they promote and its partly the reason I bought the extra wig when I did. It will soon be 40 days since I ordered it, I’m still hoping it arrives *fingers crossed*.

I bought the wigs together , Fire £20, Abyss £22, Postage £4.50 minus £6.30 for the sale discount to pay a total of £40.20. This is a lot of money but I placed my order for the free one too so I thought that £40.20 for technically 3 wigs didn’t seem such a bad price. Right, on to the wigs. The first thing I noticed when they arrived was how small and thin the actual packet was. This made me worry about how thick the hair on the wig would be.

Fire Stock Photos:

63587_194501200693275_1661570351_n 308006_515897808461282_386436892_n__366x550_ 522674_225407490935979_1704794948_n

The first wig I will look at is fire, it’s a very dark red and is pretty much how I expected it to look from the stock photos. The actual wig base cap is slightly different inside to my others but it doesn’t affect anything just makes it a bit harder to put on as its not shaped the same as the others. Makes it harder to decide where the front is when putting it on but its not a big issue. The fibre is coarser and less soft than on most of my wigs but that’s not really an issue, probably just means it’s a bit stronger/thicker. I had a problem sorting the fringe to start with, it just didn’t want to cooperate with me, I couldn’t manage to separate it where I needed in order to be able to see but again that can be sorted. When its on the hair sits quite closely around your head which looks very un-natural but I think with a bit of styling/combing this is easy to correct. Its not very thick but you don’t really see the wig top through it though I have fine hair, if you have thick hair it may cause an issue. The fact its thin also means it doesn’t have much volume to it either so will need some styling. I really wish it was a bit thicker and fuller but as I intend wearing this particular wig under a hat its not a massive issue. Normal price £20 plus £4.50 postage.

Fire Worn:

IMG_7111 IMG_7116 IMG_7117 IMG_7124 IMG_7130 IMG_7132

Abyss Stock Photos:

935752_449167178497495_1169660248_n__333x500_ Abyss__304x500_

Apparently my Abyss wig was later arriving due to a manufacturing fault with one of the ones that was ordered in. Abyss is made from a super soft fibre, its lovely to the touch. As I haven’t worn it yet I don’t know if this means it will tangle or frizz more but when I’ve worn it a few times I will be able to add this information. It is white like in the worn stock photo, looks a bit yellow in the other stock photo. It looks and feels lovely but is very thin. You easily see the wig cap base through it, especially at the front where the fringe is which I’m hoping with a bit of re-styling can be adjusted so it isn’t as obvious. I do really like this wig though as I’ve always wanted white hair since seeing Storm in x-men when I was young. I really do wish it was a bit thicker and fuller though, being able to clearly see the wig base cap is not good. Normal price £19 plus £4.50 postage I actually paid £22 so either its come down since or that was an error that I didn’t notice until now.

Abyss Worn:

IMG_7084 IMG_7087 IMG_7091 IMG_7094 IMG_7096 IMG_7099 IMG_7102

I was only charged £4.50 postage when I bought the 2 wigs so I saved a bit on the postage but I also paid more for Abyss when I bought it so I don’t think the 20% off sale was really such a good deal. I only really did it to get my free wig which still hasn’t come. Plus you never know when your wigs will actually arrive, 28 working days is a long time and its only a guide. On the plus side she did give me £10 off on my next purchase and reply really quick to my email but gave me a vague response about the missing free wig.

I have decided to add a scoring system to my review this time, scores are out of 5 (1 being bad, 5 being great).

Easy to order 5 / 5
Quality of wigs  3.5 / 5
Match to stock photos 5 / 5
Shipping Time 4 / 5
Customer Service 4.5 / 5


2 thoughts on “Geisha Wigs – Review (buying out of stock wigs)

  1. these wigs look very bad quality and shiny. and i have been wearing wigs for 8 years.
    you can get these wigs from china for about £13 each free shipping. geisha wigs is a rip off.

    • Hello, I have to agree with you. To begin with when Geisha Wigs first started out you could get lots of deals, fast UK postage and nowhere else here in the UK really had them. Unfortunately her prices have increased now and you often have to wait weeks for out of stock wigs to come. I usually buy straight from China now or from coserstudio on ebay who have UK stock, fast shipping and cheap prices. Having said all that though Geisha Wigs is doing really well, her business has expanded loads and I think she now sells some custom and better quality wigs too so her customers are obviously happy.

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