Sunshine, fairy kei and future plans

Hello Everyone,

Haven’t we had lovely sunny weather here in the UK these last few days! Its too hot for me though, I feel like I’m melting. Anyway I happened to be in town today and went in to Clarie’s where I spotted some pretty pastel coloured items (in a lovely pale purple and bluey green) that could be perfect for Fairy Kei, these included shoe laces, bows, gloves and tutus. The current weather is perfect for pretty pastel shades and fairy kei outfits!

It’s the Austen & the Abbey event this weekend so I will do a post about that hopefully next week, then I have a Bodyline wig review to do and maybe a jsk review too, a Geisha Wigs review (buying out of stock wigs this time) and then I want to do a few more style introduction/how to get the look posts. Then its Hyper Japan towards the end of the month too. Busy busy!

Enjoy the sunshine!


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