Lolita Regency Themed Spectacular – Austen & the Abbey

I just wanted to do a quick plug for this one off event as its happening soon and they would really like to sell some more tickets. Any Japanese street fashion styles are welcome. This Lolita, Mori and Regency themed fashion extravaganza is happening in Leamington Spa on the 13th & 14th of July. The event is called Austen & the Abbey and a whole load of wonderful things are happening at the event plus a few Japanese brands will be present too. Apparently it is fairly cheap to get to from London via the train and you could even take advantage of the special package deal and stay over in a hotel if you are coming from further away.

The event itself is taking place at Stoneleigh Abbey and the Royal Pump Rooms (such lovely locations) and will have catwalks, a bring and buy stall, brand stalls, talks, a ball, butler café, guest tea parties, horse and carriage rides, guided tours and more.

A sneak in special ticket for the Saturday is only £13.00

Top Japanese Lolita brands Atelier Pierrot, Victorian Maiden, Juliette Et Justine and Fairy Wish will all have clothing present in the catwalk shows and most of the brands will be selling clothing at the event too!

A whole load of UK brands and a few French ones will also be present so there should be something to cater for all budgets.

There will be a bring and buy stall selling 2nd-hand Lolita and Mori clothing & accessories as well as any cute Japanese plushies, gifts or J-fashion magazines that people have to sell.

Special Guests:

Yuko Ashizawa who is the designer/director  for Atelier Pierrot
Alice Kobayashi who is the designer/CEO for Fairy Wish
Coco from Gothic band Die Milch who is also performing at the event
Andrew Davies who is a world famous TV/Film writer

Even better you can attend special tea parties with these guests or a horse and carriage ride with Coco. You can also book to go for a horse and carriage ride yourself or with friends and have some lovely photos taken.

All info and a full list of activities available can be found here:

Facebook Group:

Blog page:


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