A Quick Update and Fashion Makeovers

Hello Lovely Blog Readers,

I’m so sorry it has been quiet on here lately. I have been busy with other things but I haven’t forgotten about posting on here. I’m currently writing up my next post to do with Lolita, it has gotten very big so I’m actually splitting it in to a how to get the look and a where/where not to shop type post. I also bought a couple of wigs from Bodyline that arrived recently so I’m hoping to do a little review post on those too. Then in July I have 2 big events that I’m going to which I will be able to do a write up on and should have photos of too as they are very fashion based. Due to my lack of posting I’m going to share some exciting information with you about one of the events I’m going to in July. Do you remember my post to do with the Lolita makeover salon based in Tokyo? Well at this years Hyper Japan you can have a transformation/makeover in to either Gyaru, Lolita, Shironuri or Sweet Lolita style. Isn’t that exciting? You can pay to have your makeup done, then try on the fashions and wigs and get your photo taken at the end. The best bit though is that to try the clothes and wigs on is free! So if you are unsure about the fashions and wonder if it will suit you it’s a great chance to get to test it before you actually buy anything.

More info on this and Hyper Japan can be found here:

I know they don’t have much information up yet about what will be happening this year but there will be a fashion show and lots of Japanese fashion fans attend as well as lots of Cosplayers. There are lots of food stalls (quite expensive) and various stalls selling anime, manga, film, music, super cute plush toys, sweets and all sorts of other stuff. There are lots of videos on youtube of previous events so may be worth watching a couple of these if you are unsure about going 🙂

The next show of Kawaii International is also on again at the end of this month, I will do a post about it nearer the time to remind you all.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and don’t forget its Father’s Day on Sunday so make sure to spoil your Dad for the day.


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